Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Vegetarian Food

Is the vegetarian food is the best food in terms of health perspective. There is two school of thoughts in this subject. The number of doctors, researchers and dieticians across the globe express both the positive and negative side of vegetarian food. It is still a debatable question whether Vegetarian food is best for health or not.

Here is the list of Top 10 benefits of vegetarian food on your health:

Leafy Green Veggies

10. Decreases the risk of Chronic Diseases

The individuals who eat vegetarian food have fewer chances of chronic disease as compared to the non-vegetarians counterparts. This has been proved by various researchers conducted on vegetarians and non-vegetarians groups of people. Overall, vegetarians group of people have fewer instances of chronic diseases like obesity and high blood pressure. Read Also:

9. Protection from Diabetes

As per various studies conducted across the globe, it was inferred that Vegetarians are less prone to diabetes as compared to non-vegetarians. Non-vegetarians food lovers have almost twice more chances of diabetes than vegetarians. Overall we can say that vegetarians’ diet provides more protection from diabetes in all age groups of people.

8. Reduce Obesity

Though the researchers have not been established the linkage between vegans and vegetarians diet with reduced weight. But a healthy lifestyle with consistently follow a vegetarian diet lead to lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and less weight increase.

7. Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases

A diet consists of full of vegetables and vegetarian food is a rich source of antioxidants and reduces the chances of heart disease to individuals. In the study conducted related to heart disease in the different age group of men and women across the world found that vegetarians have less prone to any sort of heart disease as compared to the non-vegetarians counterparts. It was also found that persons follow the vegetarian diet having fewer chances of high blood pressure problem in addition to the heart disease

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6. Decrease chances of Cancer

The vegetarians and vegetables which are the rich sources of anti-oxidants in your body and thus safeguard your heart from multiple diseases. It also develops the immunity in human body against cancer. According to one of the studies conducted on the rates of cancer in the world, it was found that vegans and vegetarians have significantly fewer chances of cancer as the comparison to the people who eats non-veg on the daily basis. Moreover, a vegan diet provides more protection against the specific type of cancer occurs only in females. Read Also: 10 Most Dangerous Non-curable Cancer

5. Control the Thyroid

Vegetarians and vegan diets offer more protection from hypothyroidism – a more common disease occurs these days as compared to the non-vegetarian diet plan. Even the people who strictly follow the vegan diet have further reduced chances of hypothyroidism than the vegetarian diet. There is the direct correlation between your diet type and with Hypothyroidism.

4. Decreases the chances of Cataract

It may sound surprising that vegetarian’s diet can decrease the chances of cataract in the human body. But it is true that vegetarian diet not only controls your waistline but also keep your eyes protected from cataract. In a study conducted related the cataract disease, it was found that vegetarians and vegan diet follower have reported less number of cataract case as compared to non-vegetarians diet follower.

3. Therapeutic Care for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diet has played a major role in finding the solution for rheumatoid arthritis disease. Researchers have found that vegetarian diet improved the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in the human body. This research supports the early time research which states that vegetarian diet increases the immunity in human body to fight with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

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2. Protect your Kidney

Human diet plan plays a significant role in chronic disease. A disciplined lifestyle along with vegetarian food can protect your kidney several folds as compared to non-vegetarians food lovers. This is because a vegetarian diet can balance the phosphate level, insulin sensitivity and acidity level in a human body.

1. Extends Longevity

As we all know that no one will live forever in this world. However the study conducted suggest that high consumption of nutrients provides by vegetarian food may improve the longevity of humans. This is because high nutrient consumption provided by vegetarian foods results in improving metabolic health.