PF Transfer Online – How to Transfer PF Online to Another Account?

It is said that the change is only constant and this is applicable even for the jobs. For vertical as well as horizontal growth, people change job and they may change jobs multiple times in a span of short time. There were many problems associated with this earlier and one such problem was a transfer of EPF. The transfer of Provident Fund was not easy and there was a lot of documentation required to transfer the funds. In addition to this, the funds transfer used to take a lot of time.

With time, EPF Office started relying on technology and they decided to roll out more features for the people of India. They rolled out EPF Portal which helped the employee in availing services without visiting the office. It was now possible to link KYC and Transfer EPF without visiting the EPF. All the process was made available online.

One Member One EPF Scheme

These initiatives were a part of One Member One EPF Scheme. Under the scheme, the people were allocated a UAN Number which remained the same throughout life. The EPF Numbers were further linked to this UAN Number just like the Branch of the tree. This was the initiative which made it possible for the people to have just one EPF Account and the transfer of EPF was made easy because of this.

When can EPF be transferred?

When you change your job, you basically have two options. One of the options is to close the EPF Account and the second option is to transfer your EPF to the new EPF Account. Earlier, people used to prefer closing the EPF Accounts as the process to transfer the EPF was very difficult. Today, the process is easy and it takes a lot less time.

You might think that what is the best justification to transfer the EPF and not close it, well, the best reason that we can offer you for this is that the EPF offers a much higher interest than any other means of investment. Also, the EPF can be considered as a retirement fund which can be used after retirement. These two factors should be enough to consider an EPF Transfer than to consider the closure of the account.

If you are still not convinced then you must know that withdrawing EPF before 5 years could attract high taxes but transferring funds to other account could help you in saving the tax. If you are in need of fund, then you can surely opt for partial withdrawal of funds which is much better than withdrawing funds.

Pre-Requisites for EPF Transfer?

There are certain pre-requisites for EPF Transfer and these are

  • You must have an active UAN Number and you must know the password of the UAN Number
  • The old and the New EPF Account must be linked to the same UAN Number. You must not have 2 UAN Number. If in case, you have 2 UAN Number, you must contact the EPFO to get this corrected.
  • The Aadhaar card, PAN Card and the Bank account must be linked to your UAN Account. You would not be able to transfer funds if the account is not KYC Compliant.
  • Your mobile number and the email address should be updated in the UAN Account.

What is the Process to Transfer PF Online?

We have already discussed the pre-requisites and the eligibility to transfer the EPF to a new account and let us now talk about the procedure to transfer the PF Online. The process is completely online and there is no documentation required from your side. Here is how you can transfer the PF

EPF Account – Visit the EPF Portal by navigating to and from this site, click on Online Services and then click on For Employee. This will take you to the employee portal.

Unified Portal – From the employee portal, navigate your way to the Unified Members Portal. To do so, you can click on Members UAN/Online Services. This will take you to the Unified Portal and if you are not able to find the page then you can click on

pf transfer

Login to Account – Login to your account using the UAN Number and the Password that you have. You will be redirected to the dashboard. From here the process of the EPF Transfer will start.

Transfer Request – From the dashboard, click on Online Services and then select one member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request). This will take you to the new page which is for transferring the EPF.

Personal Details – Read the instructions and verify the personal details mentioned below. Also, verify your Personal Information.On the bottom of the page, you will notice a button for initiating the transfer. Click on Request Transfer and this will redirect you to a new page.

Transfer of EPF – On this page, the details of the accounts will be displayed. You will know the account which will be impacted and you will know the account to which the EPF will be transferred. Verify all the details properly.

Approver Selection – Now, select the approver for the request. You have two options here. You can either choose an old employer as an approver or you can choose your new employer as an approver. Most of the people prefer to choose a new employer as the approver.

OTP Authentication – Post selection, click on Generate OTP button and validate your request with help of the OTP that you will receive on your mobile. This is an important step. Once the OTP has been verified, the request will be forwarded to the approve. Once the employer approves the request, the EPF will be transferred to the new EPF Account.

This was the complete process for PF Transfer Online. For any query, you can either reach out to the HR of your new organization or you can choose to contact the EPF Helpdesk by dialling 1800 11 8005. Also, you can track the status of your transfer request with help of EPF Portal by going to track claim status on your UAN Account.

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