PAN Card Verification NSDL Online: How to Verify PAN Card by Name & PAN Number

PAN Card is issued by the TIN-NSDL Department and it is mandatory to make significant purchases or to pay income tax. This is quite an important document from a financial perspective. If you have your PAN card then do you know that you can also go ahead and verify the PAN details easily. In this article, we have listed the steps for the verification of PAN Card details via various methods.

As you might know, you can verify the details of the PAN Card with help of the PAN Number, you must also be aware of the fact that the PAN Card details can be verified by the government individuals. Apart from that, financial institutes, banks, insurance companies, NBFC and investment firms can also access the PAN information for you. They can either use the government portal or they have an integrated API in the applications they use to verify the PAN details. We are not going to cover up those details as they are not of any use for a common man.

We have rather used the details which can be used by everyone to verify the PAN Details. Below are the different processes to check the PAN Card details.

Details Required to Verify PAN Number

First of all, we will talk about the details that are required by you to verify the details. To verify the PAN Card, there are certain things that are required. These include the PAN Number, Date of Birth and the Name of the PAN Card Holder. If you have these details, you can verify the details easily.

With the newly designed PAN Cards, if you have the photo of the PAN Card then it can even be easier for you to verify the PAN Details. Let us now look at the different ways to verify PAN Details.

Verifying PAN via QR Code

As you know that the new PAN Cards have the QR code on them and you can use the QR Code to verify the PAN Card Details. This is surely an added security feature that you can use to verify the PAN Details. Here is how you can do it.

  • You need an android app for that. The name of the app is Enhanced PAN QR Code Reader. You can install the app by going to Google Play Store and if you are not able to find the link then you can click on
  • Once you install the app, you can go ahead and scan the QR Code on the PAN card with help of this app. Once the scan is done, the details will be displayed on your phone.
  • The details that you will be able to verify includes the photo, signature PAN Number, Name, Parents Name and Date of Birth. You can also verify the PAN Number of the company using this procedure.

Verifying PAN via TIN-NSDL Website

You can also verify the PAN Number using the TIN-NSDL Website if you have the required permission. To verify the PAN Card using the website follow the process listed below

  • Visit and from this website, you can click on Online Services.
  • From the given menu, click on Online PAN Verification and the page will display the process of registration for this service along with the form for registration.
  • Complete the registration and submit the documents with TIN-NSDL to enable the facility. Once that is done, you will receive documentation from the TIN-NSDL to help you with the process of verification of the PAN Card.

Verifying PAN viaIncome Tax Portal

If you have the name, date of birth, PAN number of the PAN Card holder then you can also verify the details online with help of the Income Tax Filling Portal. This doesn’t require any type of special access. Follow the process listed below to verify the PAN Details

  • Visit the Income Tax eFilling portal with help of the link
  • On this page, navigate below and you will find a link for Verifying the PAN Card on the left side of the screen. You can click on the link and if you are not able to locate the link then you can click here.
  • On this page, enter the Name, Date of Birth and PAN Card of the PAN Cardholder along with the captcha code and click on Submit Button

track pan card status

  • On submitting, you will get to know if the PAN Card is active and if the details you have are matching with the Original records or not. This provides with a brief way to authenticate the date of birth and the name.

These were the different ways to verify the PAN Card and you must agree on the fact that the most efficient way here is to use the Android App with the new PAN Cards. The government is planning to upgrade the old PAN Cards as well so as to enhance the security of the PAN Card and to eliminate the forgery. For any other details, you can get in touch with TIN-NSDL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I verify Details only with PAN Number?

To verify PAN Card details only by the PAN Number, you need to have the access which is given by TIN-NSDL. Onlyan authorized person gets the access to API or the access to the database. As of now, you can just check the status of the PAN Card with help of the different ways mentioned above.

Why does PAN Number status show Inactive?

If the status of the PAN Card appears to be offline then that is because the PAN Card has not been linked to the Aadhaar Card. All the PAN Cards which have not been linked to the Aadhaar card have their status tagged as Inactive.

How to Activate the PAN Number?

If you PAN Card status shows as inactive then you need to activate that by linking it with your Aadhaar number. Use the link to link the PAN Card to the Aadhaar card and activate the two.

I have the old PAN Card, Can I get a new one with QR Code?

As of now, it is not required for you to get a new PAN Card with QR Code. The old one is valid presently. The government does plan to upgrade all the cards but there is no information available presently.

Do I need to activate the PAN after I receive it?

If you recently applied for the PAN Card then you do not have to worry about activating the PAN Card. It will be activated when you receive the PAN Card.

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