Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2017

There are plenty of ways that offers big money, these ways will surely add more money and increase your income, as per the financial manager’s investment is the best way to earn in better ways. Investment can be done in many ways as in land, bonds, Life Insurance policies and the most used and preferred amongst the list is an investment in share market. Share Market will never give you easy money as there is a high risk over the price tag of the shares as they fluctuate with difference available set of market norms. If you want investment, the first thing to keep in mind is going for the trustable and stable share of investment as more fluctuation may result in severe conditions for you.

In order to serve you with best of stuff, we have combined the list as the most expensive shares in India that will surely result from a great profit for investors. The recent per share rate of these shares are available as per the current price and share rate as per BSE site, take a look and choose the best available option in the list.

The price of the shares is available as per share rate.

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10. Tide Water Oil Price per share INR 6,154

Tidewater Oil Company in past carried the title as the major petroleum refining and marketing company from the United States that is known well to deliver Flying-A grade and gas stations, motor oil for Veedol and stands as a top available company throughout the world’s major nations. In the recent time, the share rate of Tidewater Oil has seen exceptional growth with -0.18 percent change from the last pricing.

9. Borosil Glass Price per share INR 6,936

The Glassware Company with its base from India is settled in one of the most business forward state known well as Gujarat. Borosil is known as the market ruler in the field laboratory glasses, instruments, disposable plastics, explosion-proof lighting glassware and microwavable kitchen care products. The company including India stands greatly in different nations as USA, Netherlands and different parts of Asia.

8. Page Industries Price per share INR 14,034

Page Industries may be a not well-known name for you, as we pull curtains from textile Indian market name as Jockey India, you understands the worth of the company as it is well-spread Underwear and Speedo brand in India and Sri Lanka. The share of Page Industries has increased up to 15 times in last six years and prices will surely increase soon. If you want to hold a share that gives you sure income after investing bulky amount than Page Industries is one of the best available choices.

7. ISGEC Heavy Eng Price per share 4,746

ISGEC Heavy Engineering company has established a name as the global engineering company with its base in India and precisely headquarters in Noida. The company stands a great chance with INR 2434 crore multi products turnover and offering engineering products with deliverance in 76 countries. Some of the well-known business units of the company are known as Process Equipment, EPC Power Plants, Boilers, Steel & Iron Castings and Trading. The last change in the pricing of the company has seen 0.41% change in positive profitable terms.

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6. TVS Srichakra Price per share 3,232

TVS Group, the global based company with its base in India known by the name is the top grossing automobile based company in India with standing third largest two wheeler manufacturer and its headquarter in Madurai. The different field of the company carries great significance in producing two-wheeler, auto electrical, three-wheeler, die casting products, brakes, wheels, tires, and axles. The last change in the share rates of TVS Srichakra has seen a change of 0.89% towards the negative mark, you can call it demonetization affect.

5. Shree Cements Price per share 14,920

Shree Cements the Indian based company is also called as the biggest manufacturer of Cement in India and supplies to other countries as well. The flagship brands that are leading market grabber under Shree Cements name are Bangur Cements and Shree Power. The Price of shares of Shree Cements was 4,430 decades ago now you can see the positive change in the pricing of shares as it has increased with more than 50% change in actual rate.

4. Eicher Motors Price per share 22,773

Eicher Motors is well-known the name in the sector Commercial vehicles in India, the company carries fame and flagship of most advanced and premium motorcycle brand known as Royal Enfield. For the long term investors, Eicher Motors is a great choice as the company has seen an overwhelming response with 70% rise in last five years.

3. Bosch Price per share 21,274

Bosch is a well known company with Germany orientation as the company is known well for Engineering and Electronics products. Just like MRF the equity rate of Bosch is low but per share price has seen great high that will surely mark profitable investment.

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2. Polson Price per share 7,300

Polson has known well as Diary Product brand with its presence in the leather industry also; just a year back it was positioned 9th in the list of expensive stock rate now it positioned at 2nd spot shows much progress of the company in India. The change as per the present condition has formed 2.68% change in a negative manner

1. MRF Price per share 53,293

MRF stands as the best investment deal as most expensive per share price, Madras Rubber Factory, the company holds the record as the most expensive brand with 18,700 price rate 3 years back and now it touches rate over 50,000. MRF stands as the most obvious choice that will surely add more profit as your income.