KVB Net Banking: Karur Vysya Bank Online Internet Banking Registration & Login

Karur Vysya Bank is one of the top and oldest private banks in India today with branches spread all over the country and having the headquarters in Karur, Tamil Nadu. To be precise, the bank has over 780 branches that offer more than a dozen quality banking service.

The services offered by Karur Vysya includes

  1. Personal loans
  2. Home loans
  3. Fixed deposits
  4. Credit cards
  5. Saving account
  6. Debit card
  7. Education loan
  8. Internet banking and many other services

The internet banking services provided by the Karur Vysya Bank is one of the best banking services offered. Here is more about internet banking and how to register and activate the service online.

As the name suggests the internet banking services refers to all those that a Karur Vysya customer or user could access. The internet banking services include balance inquiry, fund transfer, mini statement, blocking ATM, etc. However, the service has to be activated and most commonly it does not comes activated by default. Here is how you could register the internet banking services.

Step 1: The registration process cannot be done online. The bank will have to authorize and allocate an internet banking account upon your request.

Step 2: You could acquire the application from your bank branch or you could click the link, download the application form. https://www.kvb.co.in/pdf/internet_banking.pdf

Step 3: Once you acquired the application form for e-services, then fill up the form with all the details as requested on the form.

Step 4: Remember, the email ID, the address, the account number, and the mobile number you submit on this application form is very important.

Step 5: Now submit the form to the bank and wait for a few days.

Step 6: On successful processing of the application form, you will receive a login ID and password to your registered email and through the mail to your registered address.

Once you have received the login ID and password your registration process is completed. However, you are not done with the process; you will now have to activate the account.

Step 1: After receiving the registered post with the login ID and the password. Send an acknowledgment mail to activateiuser@kvb.com

Step 2: Remember, the login ID and password will not be activated until and unless the acknowledgment mail is sent from your registered email ID.

Step 3: Upon receiving the acknowledgment mail, the login ID and account will be activated within 3 banking days.

Step 4: On successful activation of the login ID and account, a confirmation mail would be sent to your email address.

Now, you are done with the registration and activation process. Here is how you could login to your internet baking account and use the services.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Karur Vysya bank internet banking portal or click here to go directly to the page https://www.kvbin.com/B001/ENULogin.jsp

Step 2: On the page that appears on the screen you will find a fill in form asking you to enter the Customer ID and password.

Karur Vysya Bank

Step 3: Enter the details as requested and click the “Login” button on the screen.

Step 4: if the customer ID and password entered is correct, then you will be allowed access to the account.

Step 5: After you log in to your account, you should resort to changing the default password.

Step 6: From the options, select the profile details and then change the default password to any new password which is more secure and strong at the same time.

There is one important thing that you should always remember, never log in to your internet banking account from a computer or laptop that you think is not secure, especially any computer or laptop in a café or on public WiFi networks.

Yet another important thing that you should remember is that, you should never share the login ID or password with any people, let it be anyone who claims they are bank authorities or anyone related to bank never share the internet banking ID and password with them.


Internet Banking services are one of the most useful banking services offered by the Karur Vysya Bank. If you still do not have registered for the service, then follow the steps mentioned above to acquire the service.

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