How to Register Mobile Number in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank is a public sector bank in the country, and it was established in 1906. The present-day headquarter of the Canara Bank is located in Bangalore. Apart from the several branches in India, Canara Bank also has foreign offices, particularly in New York, Dubai, London and Hong Kong. The bank has a good customer base, and the credit goes to the fast and superior service that customers receive.

The best thing about Canara Bank is that the customers can use the services from the comfort of home with the help of mobile banking or net banking services. The only requirement to avail of these services is having a registered mobile number. If you are a Canara Bank customer and would like to register or update your mobile number in Canara Bank, you are on the right page. You will find all the relevant details associated with registering the mobile number in Canara Bank on this page. Go ahead and check out the details in the next section of this page.

Steps to Register Mobile Number in Canara Bank

Steps to Register Mobile Number in Canara Bank

If you are trying to find the online process to register your mobile number with Canara Bank, then we are going to disappoint you. There is no online method to register your mobile number in Canara Bank. The mobile number is very sensitive information, so Canara Bank doesn’t entertain online requests. Below are the steps to register your mobile number in Canara Bank through an offline method

  • You need to visit the branch and submit the KYC Form to update your phone number. So, to initiate the process, you need to visit any of the nearest branches and obtain a KYC Form. Ensure that you carry an ID proof and your passbook with you.
  • Fill in the account information, followed by the details you would like to update. This form also allows you to update your nominee, address, email ID and other such information. After filling in the details, please sign the form at the required place.
  • Next, attach your self-attested ID proof to the KYC Form. Once all these things are done, please submit the form to the Canara Bank Officials. They will give you a receipt after verifying the form.
  • After submitting the form, the bank will update the phone number in two working days. In addition, you will also get an SMS notification about the same.

Final Verdict

Canara Bank is known for its quick service and customer-friendly staff. You should not face any issues when you register your mobile number in Canara Bank. Also, if you have a mobile number already registered and wish to update it, please follow the same process registered above. Any change in the customer’s details is only via KYC form. If you would like to contact the Canara Bank Customer Service, you can reach out to them at 1800 425 0018. This is a 24×7 contact number for the bank and you should also save it in your contact list.

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