How to Register Mobile Number in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank is a popular private sector bank. It was earlier known as UTI Bank, and the present headquarters of the Axis Bank is in Mumbai. The bank was founded in 1993, and since then, Axis Bank has witnessed massive growth. The bank offers retail banking and investment banking solutions. In addition, the bank also has mutual funds, risk management services, asset management services and a lot more to offer. Even LIC India holds about 9.2% ownership of the Axis Bank.

The services offered by the bank are top-notch, and you will never face issues with their products and services. The interest rates are highly competitive, and the mobile banking application also works very well. If you have an account with Axis Bank, ensure that you have your mobile number registered. This will make it easy for you to obtain various types of services. Register your mobile number today if your mobile number is not already registered with Axis Bank. If you are looking for the process to register your mobile number in Axis Bank, then you are on the right page. On this page, we have shared all the details about the same. You can scroll to the section below, and you will get the required information.

Steps to Register Mobile Number in Axis Bank

Steps to Register Mobile Number in Axis Bank

In this section, we have covered the steps that you need to follow to register your mobile number in Axis Bank. The bank only allows you an offline process to register your mobile number, so there is only one way to update the mobile number.

  • To register your mobile number in Axis Bank, please visit the nearest branch and obtain the KYC Form. The form is available in the branch, and you can get it from the customer service executive.
  • Once you have the form, please fill in your details accurately and also mention the registered mobile number on the form. In addition, attach an ID proof.
  • Submit the form to the customer service executive after you sign it. The executive will verify the details, and he will also give you a receiving for the KYC Form. Once this is done, your phone number will be registered with Axis Bank. The usual lead time for this is two working days.

Final Verdict

These days, it is not possible to open an account with Axis Bank without registering the phone number. This is a good thing since you get the information about all the transactions. In addition, you can also use the Axis Bank Mobile App and other online services once your mobile number is registered with the bank. If you need to update your mobile number, the process is the same. In case of any issue, please reach out to Axis Bank customer care at 1860 419 5555. Lastly, please note that there is no online process to update the mobile number on Axis Bank. Do not fall for any phishing scams telling you to fill out an online form to update your mobile number.

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