How To Register A Mobile Number In The Union Bank Of India?

Every act has been made online, be it UPI transactions, purchases, electricity bills payment, net banking, or anything else. Today, every bank provides phone banking facilities and net banking for the convenience and ease of transactions of customers.

Likewise, the Union Bank of India also offer the benefits of online banking; being one of the most trusted financial institution and the largest bank in India, it is good to use baking services for progress. You can instantly get your account information, such as mini-statement, balance updates etc by receiving online facilities and services,

By entering your mobile number in your Union Bank account number, you will be ready to know the new offers and policies of the Bank. Like other banks, Union Bank of India always forwards the account information and transaction details to its customer if the registered mobile number is linked.

Union Bank of India

To use the facility of net banking, ensure that your mobile number is registered with your UBI account. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that your mobile number is up to date with the account concerned. Here are the steps to change the registered mobile number and register the mobile number with an existing account in Union Bank of India.

A complete guide to registering a mobile number in Union Bank of India:

As mentioned above, registering a mobile number with UBI is essential to avail services and facilities of Net banking if needed. If you also want to register a mobile number with your UBI account, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Visit your Union Bank branch in your state. Do not forget to carry self-attested copies of address proof, bank account ID, passbook, passport size photograph etc.
  • Ask for the mobile registration form from the accounts executive.
  • Fill out the required credentials and form thoroughly.
  • Submit all essential, self-attested documents with the form to the accounts executive.
  • Once you hand over the filled form, you will receive a notification on the mobile number you have just registered, and thus the registration process is complete.

A complete guide to updating a registered mobile number in Union bank of India:

There is two way to update a registered mobile number in your UBI account: visit the bank branch and ask for a KYC information change form, or visit the official website of UBI. Steps for online updating are given below:

  • Open the official website of Union Bank of India,
  • Then, enter your User Id and password.
  • The homepage will be opened; here you need to click on the settings tab.
  • Then, click on the update “Email address and the mobile number”.
  • Before submitting, enter the new mobile that you want to register. And, the new mobile number is updated with your Account number.

Final Words:

To avail of online service with Union Bank of India, you must get registered your mobile number and get it linked to the account. Having a savings account in UBI provides a lot of services and facilities provided by the bank’s branch itself. One such service mentioned above is getting updated information and notification through calls or SMS.

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