Top 15 Hottest Movies on Netflix of All Time

Netflix has been a popular destination for all the entertainment needs. You can find all type of content on this amazing platform and the movies can range from comedy to romantic. One such popular category of movies is the adult movies where the character shows some skin. Everyone loves those movies in comfort of the home and the Netflix proves to be the best platform when it comes to such movies. There are some amazing movies on Netflix which you would surely enjoy and so we have compiled a list of all the hot movies on Netflix which you can watch right away.

Here is the list

15. The Canyons

The movie is unique because it has been directed by Paul Schrader who worked as a Taxi Driver and he used a crowdfunding platform to fund the movie. The story of the movie was written by Brest Easton Ellis and the movie is best when enjoyed in the privacy of the home. The main characters of this movie are played by Lindsay Lohan and James Deen who worked as a pornstar.

14. The Duke of Burgundy

This movie in our list highlights the Slave & Master relationship between two ladies. One of the characters in the movie is a lepidopterologist and the other one is a maid who gets constant punishment from her master. The

13. Adore

This movie was released in 2013 and it had been really popular since then. The movie involved the character of Naomi Watts and Robin Wrights having sex with each other’s son and it did raise a few controversies as well. But the movie was surely one of the hottest ones when it comes to the sex scenes and do log on to Netflix and watch these moms waiting for their boys. The movie is full of butt-shots so it is surely going to satisfy your hunger for entertainment.

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12. A Teacher

This movie highlights a topic which society doesn’t want to talk about and yes, you guessed it right, the movie highlights a female teacher who is attracted towards one of her students and in the end, she ends up getting seduced by him. The movie highlights one of the bold relationships which is not very rare today and yet it is frowned upon.

11. Blue in the Warmest Color

This movie deserves a special place in our list as the most interesting part of this movie is the seven minute sex season that highlights the movie on our list and in addition to this, the movie has Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulous and they are trying to explore their bodies in a really erotic way. The storyline of the movie follows a love story and the storyline is quite amazing as well.

10. Bare

This is another movie in our list and the movie contains the story of a strip club in Reno and the sexy bartender of the strip club. The main characters of this movie are Thelma and Louise and you would surely love to watch their take on sexuality. In the movie, the main characters are young and they meet each other which sparks off a chemistry between them and well you can watch the rest of the story on Netflix.

9. Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2

This four-hour long movie is full of sex scenes and the movie has a lot of love making scenes shot in train and car. The movie also highlights some of the threesomes and fetishes. The movie also highlights the role of men and women in each other’s lives and in addition to this, the story highlights all these issues on a much macro level. The first volume of the movie was super hit which made the directors work on the second volume of this movie.

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8. Immoral Tales

This movie was directed by Walerian Borowczyk and the movie is one of the finest work of this Polish director. The movie is based on some of the taboo subjects like virginity and masturbation and it is one of the loudest movies to challenge the society about what is considered to be as taboo. It is another must watch the movie if you love such topics.

7. Strictly Sexual

This movie was released in 2008 and the movie highlights the two characters who are tired of the emotional drama that in involved in a relationship. The friend ends up keeping two other construction workers around themselves to fulfill their physical desire and physical needs. The movie contains a lot of amazing sex scenes and it highlights the concept which is only known to Gen Y

6. Basic Instinct

This is another erotic thriller in our list and the movie has its main character as Sharon Stones who is performing a role of Catherine Tramell. The movie contains some of the amazing and hot kissing scenes which will surely turn you on. It is a must watch movies if you like thriller series and you are surely going to love the story line of this movie.

5. Weekend

This movie is all about Russell and Glen who met each other at a club and they go to each other’s house. It is one of the few LGBT stories on Netflix and it is quite romantic if you like LGBT stories and if you are not homophobic. The couple explores each other with passing time and they end up having more and more sex. The movie is one of the must watch to understand the complex relationship between two people.

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4. A Perfect Ending

The movie surely highlights a perfect ending for one of the actresses in the movie as she has been highlighted as a woman who never achieved an orgasm but in the end, she meets a call girl who turns her world around by giving her the best sex of her life. The movie is listed in the steamy section on Netflix and you should surely watch this one.

3. Bang Gang

This particular movie was released in 2015 and the movie highlights a group of teenager who decides to try sex games because of the boredom they experience in their teenage. Later in life, they came to a realization to find out that the emotions are only becoming harder to control and now they were being driven by the emotions for each other.

2. Wetlands

This movie was released in 2013 and the movie is basically a story of a teenage girl who is in thehospital because of bad personal hygiene habits. In the movie, she falls for a male nurse and this is when the show begins. The movie is too open and you are surely going to love the absurdity in the movie.

1. Anatomy of a Love Seen

Anatomy of a Love Seen

As the title suggests, the movie highlights the character of two ladies who fall in love with each other and this is surely one of the most popular lesbian movies on Netflix. It is loved by the audience and it is also termed as one of the hottest movies on the Netflix of All the Time.

These were some of the best hottest movies on Netflix, you can start watching one of these and if you do not have the subscription to Netflix, you may get a subscription and experience the world of entertainment in a new dimension.

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