Forgot UAN Password: Know How To Reset / Change EPF UAN Password?

So you forgot your UAN password and like to reset or recover the same? In this article, we will discuss how to change and reset UAN password with UAN registered mobile number but you forgot your UAN password.

Change UAN registered Mobile Number if you forgot password

Keep in mind that it works only if Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and PAN/Aadhaar match the details with UAN number. Or you will get error message. In that case, you need to contact your employer to get UAN details.

  • First of all, you need to visit EPF UAN website.
  • Click “Forgot Password
  • Enter UAN number and captcha code to verify
  • It will show up the mobile number which is mapped to your UAN. If you want to change mobile number, click NO.
  • You will see screen which asks for your Name, Date of Birth, KYC Type, Gender, and Document Number. Enter your details and click on Verify near Document number.
  • Once the details are verified. Enter your new mobile number and get OTP.
  • Enter your Password two times.
  • You will see the message that password has been changed successfully. Click on Login to log with new password.

Recover and Reset UAN Password if Mobile Number is same

  • Visit EPFO website.
  • Click Forgot Password.
  • Enter UAN number and Captcha code. Click on Verify.
  • It will show up the mobile number mapped to UAN number. Click on NO if you want to change mobile number.
  • Click “Get Authorized Pin”.
  • Once OTP is sent successfully, you will get the message “OTP is sent successfully.” If you don’t get the OTP because of heavy traffic, it will show up the message “Failed to Send OTP. Try again later.” Try the above steps again.
  • Once you get the OTP on your mobile number which is registered with UAN portal, you will get the message “Dear Mr. XYZ. Your OTP with OTP id 6000 is 1234. Enter the pin and set a new password on your account.” Use this pin, not OTP id.
  • Enter the OTP on the box “Enter Authorization Pin”.
  • Enter New Password, which should have at least 7 characters and max 20 characters, minimum 2 digits, minimum 4 alphabets, 1 special character. At least one character should be Capital of four alphabets and one small letter.
  • Confirm new password.
  • Click Submit.
  • It will show a new window which says password has been changed successfully.
  • Enter UAN number and new password to login to UAN New Website.

Reset and change UAN password after UAN login

The UAN is basically a 12 digit number which is issued to each EPF member by the EPFO so they can control their own EPF account and lower the interaction of employer. Once the UAN based registration has been activated by the user, he can log in to the portal any time with his user and password.

  • Download UAN Card/Passbook
  • View Linking Status/List Previous Member ID
  • View Transfer Claim Status/File Transfer Claim, System Generated Claim Status
  • Edit Email ID/Edit Mobile Number/Change Password/Update KYC Information/Edit Personal Details

When to set up UAN password?

When you register UAN and activate the same, set up UAN password. Once you get UAN number from the employer, log on to the official site –

Forgot UAN Password

Once you click Activate UAN Based Registration, enter your UAN number, member ID and mobile number. You will get authorization PIN on your mobile.

How to change UAN Password?

  • Access UAN Member e-SEWA Portal
  • Use your UAN and new password to access UAN portal
  • Go to Account > Change Password
  • Enter new password (send to your mobile number) and old password twice. Keep in mind that UAN password should have minimum 1 special character, must be alphanumeric, and around 8-25 characters long. Special characters should be like ! @ $ % ^ & *. Click Update.
  • You will get the message “You have change your password successfully”.
  • You would also get SMS on your mobile number which is registered. Now you have changed your password over UAN <UAN Number> on UAN portal.

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