Top 10 Most Facebook User Country in the World

Facebook was launched in the year 2004 and it took the market by storm. Soon the popularity of Facebook grew and from being just a private network, Facebook became a Social Network which was open to anyone who was over 13 years in the age. Today, Facebook is a profit making company and it has taken over some of the other popular services like Instagram and WhatsApp. Talking about the active users, there are over 2.2 Billion active users on Facebook at present. Since the inception, the Facebook has added many security features which made this social network even better. Today, it is possibly the most used social network in the history of mankind.

There was a time when you required a computer to access the Facebook but now you can access Facebook on your phones and tablets and this popular social networking site also has an application which is very easy to use. Today, Facebook is also a favorite tool of the marketing agencies as Facebook makes it possible for them to gather data about the users and Facebook also makes it possible to market the product with higher market penetration.

Do you know that Facebook recently launched a new version of their social networking site which is the Facebook Workplace? The popularity of this social networking site is surely on the rise.

But do you know which the top 10 countries with the highest number of active Facebook users are? Well, if you are not aware of these vital statistics then you must go through this article as we have listed all this information here for you.

10. United Kingdom – 44 Million

The total number of Facebook users in the United Kingdom is 44 Million and as per an estimate, this is almost 66% of the population. One of the reasons for such a high number of Facebook users is the fact that in the UK, over 84% of the total population has an access to the high-speed internet. The United Kingdom not only has the highest number of Facebook users but it also has the highest proportion amongst the countries with the largest number of internet users.

9. Turkey – 51 Million

On number 9, we have Turkey and Turkey has 51 Million active users on Facebook. In addition to this, this number also translates to 66% of the total population as the figure for the total population of Turkey stands at around 83 Million. One of the factors which have contributed to the growth of internet user is the fact that the broadband internet in Turkey is growing at a very fast rate.

8. Thailand – 51 Million

Next on our list is Thailand and with 51 Million active Facebook users, the country stands at the 8th number on our list. In addition to this, Turkey has a population of almost 69 Million. Hence almost 74% of the total population is present on Facebook. There are certain censorship rules applicable on the internet but that doesn’t stop the population from accessing Facebook. Moreover, some of the cities in Thailand also offers free public internet to the people.

7. Vietnam – 55 Million

Vietnam is a small country in terms of area but it is certainly not a small nation when it comes to the active users on Facebook. As per the reports, the country has over 55 Million users registered on Facebook and in addition to this, the population of Vietnam stands at around 94.5 Million. This leads us to derive the fact that 58% of the population is active on Facebook. This country also has a lot of restrictions on the internet so as to block a certain type of content from the reach of the public.

6. Philippines – 67 Million

On number 6, we have the Philippines and almost 67% of the total population of Philippines has signed up on Facebook. Yes, that is right, the Philippines has a population of 100 Million and the country has 57 Million active users on Facebook. The country has a high number of people who have access to the internet and this has certainly helped the Facebook in getting so many users in the Philippines.

5. Mexico – 83 Million

Next on our list is Mexico and the country has 83 Million users on Facebook. In addition to this, the population of Mexico is around 123 Million. Hence almost about 67% of the population has an account on Facebook. The country also has a good communication system which provides the access to the internet to the citizens

4. Indonesia – 130 Million

Indonesia is another such country with a high user base of Facebook. As per the latest statistics, the country has over 130 Million Facebook users but the user density of Indonesia is quite low as the country has a population of over 261 Million. This means that only 49% of the total population has an account on the Facebook. One of the reasons for this could be the still-developing internet infrastructure.

3. Brazil – 130 Million

Brazil stands at third rank on this list with a little over 130 Million users and in case of Brazil, the population is over 208 Million. This enables us to derive the fact that almost 62% of the people have signed up on this social networking giant. The country also has a good internet connectivity with a good connection speed.

2. United States – 230 Million

On number 2, we have the United States of America and the Facebook users in the USA are 100 Million more than the total users in Brazil. The population of the USA is around 325 Million which gives us a user to population proportion of 70%. One of the reasons for this is the fact that over 80% of the people in the USA have an access to the internet which helps them in browsing through Facebook.

1. India – 250 Million


India tops the list with 250 Million users and India has registered a growth recently because a telecom company in India called Jio provided affordable access to the masses. This has helped Indian population to go live on social networking. Talking about the user density, only 18% of the Indian population has an account on Facebook.

You might also be surprised to learn that China is not listed on this list but this is because of the fact that China has banned Facebook in the country and the reason for the ban is content filtering.These were the Top 10 Countries with the highest Facebook Users. In addition to this, the data mentioned here is as of January 2018 so the number can slightly vary but that would certainly have no impact on the rankings.

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