Top 10 Countries with Largest Muslim Population in the World 2017

Every religion has a right to stay in the world wherever they want. There are few countries which are solely made for few religions and other religions are in dominance. For instance, America and England have English men and Christian in large population while in Sri Lanka, Tamils are in large numbers. Muslim countries do have their own population of Muslims residing there. However, there are few more countries which are having large Muslim population and they are increasing every year. This is because there might be people who are working in those locations or relocating to those countries because of any reason.

Let us know about the top countries which have Muslim population by the day:

10. Morocco

Morocco is a North African country which is located near to the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as the Kingdom of Morocco and also densely populated with Muslims. The country is having a total population of 32 million. Most of them are migrants and the country is offering them citizenship here too. Muslim people are getting high privilege here and that is the reason that refugees are tending to convert their religion into Muslim in Morocco.

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9. Algeria

Somewhere in the Middle East, towards North African country, Algeria is a country which is close to Sahara Desert. It is having a total population of 38 million and it is a People’s Democratic Country. However, Muslims are in large number who resides here. They have different communities and groups and are divided by them but they are all are termed under the same religion. This happened that most of the wars and attacks happen in the city causing mortality rate too high but still the population is having people who are in the survival list. These who are of other religion in Iraq these days are either converted into Muslims or met to death.

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8. Turkey

There are large numbers of Muslims reside in this country apart from other religions too. It is also a part of Muslim ruling government under Middle East and offers great values to the laws that are made up by the government and by their religion. Many Muslim tourists use to visit this country. The total population of the country is 76 Million.

7. Iran

It is believed that Iran is a good source of Petroleum products supply to other countries and most of its petrol refineries are under the government. The Muslims who are living here are ruling over the city. In recent years, the city is also under the threat of being destroyed as the attacks in this city are on its maximum. Muslims are available here under different groups who are running under their own laws. The total population of the country is 76 million.

6. Nigeria

Not only in Asia, Muslim populated countries are also located in other continents too. In Africa, Nigeria is also having many Muslims residing in large numbers. Apart from Nigeria, people are living in other countries too but this is having a dense population in the continent. It is offering various residing opportunities to people who are coming from different countries and also those who are going to Saudi are getting some options here to reside and get a citizenship. According to statistics, 76 million Muslims are there in Nigeria.

5. Egypt

Egypt is also a Muslim friendly country which offers many employment and residing options to the community. People are coming here with an expectation and are getting positive response from the government. Being a tourist friendly country, Muslim country Egypt is also having large number of population of same religion. With 80 Million Muslims in Egypt, it makes 4.9% of the total population worldwide.

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4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a separated part of India. Though after partition, it was first named as East Pakistan and many refugees from India and Pakistan entered to this region. Since then, most of the population of the country do have Muslims. Apart from that, they do speak Bengali as their national language but they follow their culture and religion as Muslim. The country is having 149 million Muslims.

3. India

This is the country, which has many religious communities located in different states. The country does have Muslim population located. People are having freedom to follow their religion. In every state, people of Muslim religion are located in every state and many historical monuments of same religion are also available which are offering tourism to the people. Most of the Muslims are living from their beginning of existence and not chosen to migrate to Bangladesh or Pakistan but to stay in India. As per the constitution, they are allowed to stay in India as a citizen and do follow their religious practices too. The country has the total population of 177 Muslims in the country.

2. Pakistan

Since the partition in 1947, people of Muslim religion were migrated to this country and us having a dense population with the same religion. Most of the people are following the rituals of the same religion too. There were other communities and religions residing in this country but they were converted because of the religious forces in Pakistan. However, few Hindu and Christian groups are there but they were having no law in front of the Muslim laws. The country is having 178 million total populations.

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1. Indonesia

This South Asian country is having Muslims in large numbers. Here are mosques as the main worship place. People who are coming to Indonesia have to follow the protocols made by the government as per their religion. It is a tourist friendly country which offers tourism support to every person from different countries. With 205 Million Muslims, it is the most populated country with that religion.

So this is about the population of the Muslims in different countries.