Top 10 Best Window ACs in India With Model Name, Price 2017

The scorching heat of the Summers are just round the corners and people are always in search for windows AC’s which can provide them with the coolness and freshness in the Summers. Because of the global warming, the heat has gone to such levels that fans are not able to beat the heat at all. For people who want something within their budget, they should try out the option of the Windows AC’s which can provide a soothing atmosphere and consume very less electricity and are quite efficient.

There are many options for Windows ACs in India and the best ones are listed as under

10. Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW312KUDI 1.0TR

Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW312KUDI 1.0TR

Hitachi is known to provide families with the best range of windows AC’s for a long time and this company can be trusted with all due heart. The capacity of the Windows AC of Hitachi is 1 ton which is enough to provide good cooling to a family. It can easily chill one room during the summers. The remote helps you to control the temperature in the way that you like and you can change the temperature according to your needs. The starting range of the AC is Rs. 22,878.



LG provides one with a huge list of split AC’s and Windows AC’s that they have in store with them. The capacity of the AC is 1.5 ton which can cool a room within just 15 to 20 minutes. This means that when you enter your home from outside, you can get the cooling effect within minutes. The AC gets a 3 star rating because it is damn good. The AC has an ordinary looking one with only white colour in the model. But, the effect is just superb. The cost is approximate Rs. 24, 190.

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8. Onida W183FLT Window AC

 Onida W183FLT Window AC

Onida brand stands in the market firmly even today and they are one of the best producers of Windows AC. This model has a 3 star rating and this AC is best for a nuclear family. It can easily cool a bedroom within minutes so that you can have a good night sleep. The Window AC also comes within the budget and you can get it in various colours in the form that you would want it. The cost is around Rs. 22,890.


LG is known to provide people with budget and great electrical appliances for homes that can satisfy people to a greater lot. The best part of the AC is the provision of the Sleeper Time which helps in maximising the efficiency when in sleep so that the person can get better sleep during summers. And to top it, it itself lowers the temperature once the room s cooled to a highest extent. The capacity of the AC is 1.5 ton which cools a room within minutes and that too in a proper way. The cost is around Rs. 27,500.

6. Panasonic CW/UC1214YA WINDOW AC

Panasonic CW/UC1214YA WINDOW AC

The Panasonic brand is a Japanese company and they are always known to provide eco friendly AC’s to people. These AC’s don’t release harmful gases in the atmosphere which might lead to global warming. All of the AC’s under this brand are known only for their efficient cooling and eco friendly nature. They can sense a person and cools only in that area where the person is present. The cost is approximate Rs. 24,200.

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This Window AC can change the look for your home completely as the design is quite sleek and stylish and it can make your room look bright and lively. The white colour 1.0 ton AC is the best option that is available in the market. The LG rating is 5 of this AC because of the fact that it runs on power efficiency and saves much of your electricity. The AC is around Rs. 27,800.

4. Blue Star LA/LB Series:

Blue Star LA/LB Series

The Blue Star series is available in all ratings from 1 to 5. It provides one with the best available features and options. Some of the best features are the memory function and the filter check LED which easily recognises a person and then gives a soothing temperature according to the body temperature of the person. The fan speed is great in the Window AC and it provides great value for money. The approximate cost is Rs. 23,000.

3. Whirlpool 1.5 Magical Platinum Window AC

Whirlpool 1.5 Magical Platinum Window AC

The Whirlpool AC is all known for their efficient performance and they don’t consume much electricity which can make a room cool within seconds. This is rated among the third highest Window AC present in India.

2. Hitachi 1 Ton Star Kaze Plus Raw311 KusĀ 

Hitachi 1 Ton Star Kaze Plus Raw

The best part of this Window AC is the energy efficiency rate which is 10.55 which is a 3 star rating AC. The capacity of the AC is 1 ton which comes with features such as sleeper time and eco friendly cooling option which helps in cooling at lower temperatures.

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1. Samsung AW183KC

Samsung AW183KC

The cooling in this Window AC is based on the YTR technology and the best part is the Ultra Tropical Rotary method which offers cooling in all the directions for proper cooling of the room. It also provides efficient performance.

These are the best Window ACs in town!! Get ready for the new models.