10 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 Rs. In India

Over the years, a lot of changes have been taking place. Technology is improving day by day and many inventions are being introduced. Refrigerator is one such type of invention. Before any refrigerator was introduced, storing any vegetables or fruits used to be difficult. For this reason, people used to get groceries on a daily basis which is daunting. After refrigerator was introduced, lives became easier. It maintains a cool temperature inside a closed area and groceries can be stored for few days. The best part of storing in refrigerator is that the groceries stay fresh and doesn’t lose any nutrients. Even cooked food can be stored for 2 days.

There are so many refrigerator models available in the Indian market. You might be wondering which one to buy. In this article, we are going to list exactly the same – the best 10 fridges below 15000 rs.  in 2020. Most of us want to purchase refrigerator which is in our budget and get a decent model suitable for the whole family. We have gathered a list for such models which are under 15000 Rs.

Best Buy Fridge Below 15000 INR

They are all from popular brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej, LG and Haier. Go through the list and we have also listed what we liked about the product and what we did not like.

Let us get started.

1. Godrej 190 L Inverter Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

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Godrej is quite popular brand in India and produces some great variety of products in aerospace, consumer goods, agriculture etc., It is known that the first ever refrigerator was created by Godrej. It did not stop there. Godrej is innovating new models which are best and competitive in the market.

One of such models from Godrej is the direct-cool single-door refrigerator. The capacity that it can handle is 190 L which is comfortable for a small family. If you are a person who needs large spaces for freezer, vegetables and bottle storages, this model is a perfect fit for you. There is a large vegetable tray that gives your vegetables ample amount of space. Even the freezer is large to accommodate frozen items. The bottle space in this Godrej refrigerator is quite large allowing you to store up to 2.25 L bottle size. All your preserved juices and drinks can go there. There is a proper door lock which helps to keep your refrigerator intact when your kid tries to play with the door.

Cooling and preserving your food is the main purpose of a refrigerator which this Godrej model performs well. This can be ensured with its insulation which is of maximum thickness. This keeps the refrigerator cool without space to escape. The additional 24 hour freshness lock helps you to keep your vegetables and fruits stay fresh as long as 24 hours. In addition to that, the food odors are preserved well using aroma lock feature. Also, this helps to not decay your food for the first 24 hours. With the single-door refrigerator, you need to do the defrosting process manually. Thanks to Godrej, they provide an easy way to defrost which is very convenient for the consumer. This model saves you some money by conserving power with the smart inverter compressor. The design is available in shiny steel which looks classy. If you want to spend some more amount of money, you can get a nice floral design in wine color other wise this the best godrej fridge under 15000 rupees in India.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Great energy saver with 5 star energy rating
  • Large spaces for vegetable trays, freezer and for storing bottles
  • Maximum insulation thickness does not allow coolness to escape
  • The aroma lock feature helps to keep your food fresh and also keeps your food aroma.

Things we did not like 

  • Installation might be a bit difficult without assistance

2. Haier 195 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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Haier is a popular brand for offering some amazing economical products. This 195 L Haier model also comes within 15000 Rs budget option with many latest features. The capacity as said is quite sufficient and is the single-door type model.

The main important property for any refrigerator is to keep the coolness intact and to preserve your food without losing its freshness. For this purpose, the insulating material is the key. With the Polyurethane rigid Foam-PUF insulation which is as high as 6.5 cm, this Haier refrigerator gives your food maximum freshness and coolness. It is with this insulation and the best condenser coils, the maximum effect of coolness is present inside the refrigerator. It gets sealed inside and keeps your food fresh. With this amount of coolness, forming ice is quite easy and this Haier refrigerator model gives you ice within 1 hour. This you can use in any drinks or crush your ice for smoothies.

This Haier refrigerator has the best compressors which has voltage ranging from 135-290 volts. This prevents you from buying an extra stabilizer which some of the other refrigerators demand. The glass shelves inside the refrigerator are made of toughened glass. This means you can place conveniently heavy objects here. The shelf can bear up to 120 Kgs. So, large vessels with food can be comfortably stored on these shelves. The gasket of the refrigerator is important to clean to keep your food hygienic. This model of refrigerator allows you to remove the gasket easily so that you can clean and place it back conveniently. This Haier refrigerator model is environmental friendly as the gas released from the refrigerator is R-600a refrigerant gas which does not help global warming. The most convenient defrost button is present in this single-door model which helps to collect the water with the help of a tray present below the freezer. For your convenience, there are water bottle shelves which can store large bottles and there is a special egg tray where you can safely store your eggs.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Great energy saver with 5 star energy rating
  • Available in 2 colors
  • PUF insulation which helps to form ice in 1 hour
  • Easy clean gasket
  • Separate shelves for bottles and eggs

Things we did not like 

  • Some people felt that the customer support is not that great

3. Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L 5 Star Direct-Cool Single-door Refrigerator

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One of the top companies from 2 decades is Whirlpool. Their refrigerators are top-notch with new features being added frequently for the customers satisfaction. The outer build material and the interior are all durable. Within a budget range of 10000 Rs also, they produce top quality refrigerators. The next model from our list is from Whirlpool.

This 190 L single door refrigerator has a sufficient space for neutral families. The first feature of this model is the ample space it gives for the customers through wire shelves. Instead of normal shelves that we see in other refrigerators, this whirlpool refrigerator uses wire shelves. They increase the space drastically inside your fridge. With 2 racks, you will be able to store large dishes on these racks. There are special shelves for dairy products too. It contains special chiller for storing these dairy products. Along with the ample space that it provides, there are dedicated large bottle space for you to keep 3 2L bottles.

The vegetable shelf is extra large in size and helps you to store them with ease. In addition to that, for the vegetables to stay fresh, there is a special moisture slider present. This retains moisture in vegetables. Also, the shelf is made of moisture lock-in technology  with honey comb structure. These special features ensure to keep your vegetables fresh without losing the moisture. The gasket present inside the refrigerator is air tight and is easily removable to clean it properly. This definitely keeps your interior bacteria free and at the same time, it is intact. The cooling inside the fridge is controlled by a knob and it allows you to defrost very easily without much manual intervention. With the special in-built stabilizer, you do not need a stabilizer separately. The design of the refrigerator is quite stylish and has a separate pocket handle for easy usage and cleaning. These refrigerators are also available in 4 different bright colors giving you great choice and they all look elegant.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 5 years on compressor.
  • Good energy saver with 3 star energy rating
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Whenever there is a power cut, this refrigerator gives you 9 hours of cooling which is a great feature.
  • Great space with the wire shelves instead of normal shelves with extra shelf for dairy products and bottles

Things we did not like 

  • Some people felt that the customer support is not that great

4. LG 190 L Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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One of the few brands who offer great service even after buying the product with good quality is LG. Their refrigerators also have the same service. This 190 L single door refrigerator has a great floral design on the door with bright Unique Scarlet Plumeria color. This definitely stand out in your kitchen and looks very elegant. Let us see the great properties of this refrigerator.

The refrigerator consumes energy efficiently and is smart enough to connect to a home inverter whenever there is a power cut. This allows to keep food fresh and cool for long hours. Even though it got connected to inverter, it doesn’t strain your compressor hence saving you energy in times of power cut as well. Also, the inverter compressor helps to give you great performance which comes with savings. With this compressor, you do not need to have an extra stabilizer at your home which is a relief. The noise that comes out of refrigerator usually is not present with this LG model, the compressor is smart enough to operate silently.

The unique and special feature of LG is the ice making process. This takes less time helping you to get ice when in emergency situations very fast. It can make ice in 108 minutes which is quite fast. The gasket present in the refrigerator is intact and easy to remove to clean it frequently. This keeps your refrigerator clean and hence the food remains fresh and hygienic. The shelves to store food are made of toughened glass which are easy to clean and you can place big vessels as it can bear up to 175 Kg. Another special feature of this LG model is the special box present which collects the moisture from food and condense it back to retain the moisture in food. This helps to keep your vegetables fresh. This is best model if you are looking for an inverter fridge below 15000 rupees in India

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Great energy saver with 5 star energy rating
  • Great Floral design with bright color.
  • The smart inverter compressor helps with stabilizer free operation along with great savings and performance.
  • Glass shelves to help you keep them clean easily and they can bear heavy weights.
  • The special lattice-type box helps to collect moisture from vegetables and return it back to them to keep them fresh and moist.

Things we did not like 

  • Cost is slightly greater than 15000 Rs.

5. Samsung 212 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 212 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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The next item from our list is from Samsung which is popular for their electronic appliances. This Samsung model has crown design which looks stylish and is easy to use. Its capacity is 212 L which is quite comfortable for a family with 3 members. It is a single door type refrigerator which includes freezer inside

With the digital inverter technology, your energy can be drastically saved which in turn can help you with savings. Also, the technology helps you to work without noise which is a relief. You do not need to buy stabilizer separately as it contains in-built one and can work with voltage range of 100V to 300V. When it comes to vegetables, they can be kept fresh with the strong vegetable box cover. It is large and convenient for you to store more vegetables. The bottle storage space is large giving you space to store large bottles which are 2 L in capacity. There is special storage which maintains coolness and freshness. This can be used specially for dairy products and any deserts that you wish to store.

The refrigerator comes with strong toughened glass shelves which can hold heavy weights up to 150 Kg. You do not need to worry about weights. The freezer works effectively making you ice and you can store your freezer items there as it has plenty of space. With the easy to remove and air tight gasket, the bacteria and fungus cannot enter easily into your fridge. Also, you can clean it easily once in a while. To keep your refrigerator safe from opening more number of times especially by kids, you have a special keyhole where you can lock your fridge.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Good energy saver with 3 star energy rating
  • Great space with 212 L capacity
  • With the inverter compressor, your energy and money can be saved and you do not need to worry about extra stabilizer or the noise.
  • Toughened glass shelf design
  • Child lock
  • Gasket is anti-bacterial
  • Separate room for bottles, dairy products

Things we did not like 

  • Some people felt that the customer support is not that great

6. Whirlpool 245 L Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 245 L Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

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Another great refrigerator model from Whirlpool is the double door model. This arctic steel design looks perfect for your kitchen interior. As it is a double door refrigerator, it comes with better capacity than the others that we listed i.e., 245 L capacity.

This model is quite popular for its price. It is slightly greater than 15000 Rs but being a double door refrigerator, this price is great. There are air towers built inside the refrigerator which has vents placed randomly and strategically to give your food, required air flow. This ensures to keep your food more fresh and cool. There is a special technology called microblock technology which has an additive inside the refrigerator and doesn’t allow any bacteria to grow. This ensures to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for longer period of time.

The vegetable crispers are made with honeycomb design which helps to retain the moisture in the vegetables and fruits by condensing the moisture which gets evaporated. There are special chilling gels placed inside the fridge at random places. These preserve cool air and whenever there is any power cut, they immediately release the stored cool air, giving you coolness even when the power is out. As already said, the fresh vents and air towers help you to cool the bottles much faster may be 40% faster. Also, at the bottom of the air tower, there is a special active deo which helps to keep your fridge odor free. One of the concerns with few vegetables and fruits is the oxidation. This is drastically reduced using freshonizer hence keeping your vegetables and fruits fresh. The freezer is also specially designed with 6th sense technology giving your freezer items the best possible freezing feature. Along with this, you can collect your ice cubes separately using the ice twister. Now, you do not need to strive to get your ice cubes out.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • To retain moisture, there is honeycomb design on the vegetable shelf, air towers with vents.
  • For odor free fresh fridge, active deo feature is present
  • Chilling gel to release cool air when there is power cut
  • Freshonizer to reduce oxidation
  • 6th sense deepfreeze technology with special ice twister
  • Microblock technology

Things we did not like 

  • Nothing as such

7. Samsung 192 L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


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Another great model from Samsung is the 192 L capacity single door refrigerator. This comes in great silver color matching your interior well. With great service and the popular name that it has, it never makes customers to regret about their products. This model is also a great one for your small family and has a great storage space.

This model looks like a double door refrigerator and has plenty of space to keep your vegetables fruits and other food items fresh as new. The coolness inside the refrigerator is quite great. The refrigerator has several compartments for you to place vegetables, fruits, drinks, even meat, dairy products and poultry. The frosting comes as a separate compartment. With the separate shelves that it provides, you can place your bottles comfortably.

The inverter compressor works great and doesn’t produce any noise. One of the major concerns that consumers complain about is the noise that refrigerator produces. However, with this impressive compressor, noise levels are drastically reduced and at the same time, your energy is saved efficiently. Also, you do not need to place an extra stabilizer as the refrigerator comes with an in built one. All the shelves are made of toughened glass which means you can easily remove them, clean them even if it has tough stains, place some heavy bowls or vessels on them. This does not form any scratches or cracks and is very safe to use. The whole refrigerator is measured 119.2 cm by height, 64.9 cm by width and 53.2 cm by depth. This makes it a sleek design and fits well in the dedicated space. It has stands which can keep it in place. There is also dedicated space for storing your eggs.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Great energy saver with 4 star energy rating
  • Comes with great design and color with stands
  • Shelves are made with toughened glass
  • The inverter compressor helps you to save energy and works noiseless
  • Extra stabilizer is not needed
  • Spacious compartments with dedicated area for every need of your kitchen

Things we did not like 

  • Some people felt that the customer support is not that great

8. Whirlpool 190 L Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

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The last refrigerator from our list is a great design from Whirlpool company. This has an elegant blue color with unique floral design which looks perfect for your kitchen interior. And if you love unique designs, this is a model that you need to look at.

This 190 L capacity refrigerator is a perfect size for a family with 3 members. Along with great compressor, the insulated capillary technology helps to surround the capillary with super cold gas and it passes to the refrigerator and makes the compressor more efficient than normal. Also, this helps the refrigerator to retain coldness whenever there is a power cut for up to 12 hours. At the back of the freezer, there are special cooling vents which help to distribute the cool air uniformly. For special storage of your dairy products or any deserts, a chiller tray is present which can be accessed easily.

The vegetable crisper is quite large in size to keep all your vegetables in it and with the honeycomb design, you will be able to retain moisture in the vegetables. Whenever there is any power loss, it immediately connects to home inverter. The shelves are all made of durable toughened glass making it convenient and safe to place large vessels on them. The gasket can be easily removed and cleaned and it helps the corners to not get any bacterial or fungal growth. The defrosting mechanism is easy. All you need to do is turn the knob and it does its job. Also, you can manage temperatures with this knob. The handle is comfortable to hold and it has a key holder to lock your fridge when not using frequently and to save it from kids.

Things we liked 

  • 1 year warranty on the product with 10 years on compressor.
  • Great energy saver with 4 star energy rating
  • Available unique floral blue color design
  • Cooling can be retained up to 12 hours after power cut with the powerful insulated capillary technology.
  • The laminar air-flow helps to maintain uniform flow of cool air.
  • Special chiller tray and large vegetable shelves to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and moisture retainment is present.

Things we did not like 

  • Some people felt that the customer support is not that great

9. Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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In the number one position, we have added the Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator for our readers. This model of refrigerator is the latest, it has been launched in the year 2020. One of the noticeable features of this refrigerator is the presence of beautiful floral prints on the door. Most of the buyers get attracted to the design. Plus, there is a bar chrome handle on the refrigerator door which makes the refrigerator even more attractive than it already is. You would love to know that the refrigerator has shelves made up of toughened glass. They are capable of holding around 150 kilograms of weight. Apart from that, the refrigerator has many exciting features.

Things we liked

  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • The refrigerator has a locking system.
  • Storage capacity is sufficient.

Things we didn’t like

  • Customers received defective products.

10. LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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Next up, we have the LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator for our readers. When it comes to refrigerators, LG is one of the trustworthy brands. They offer efficient and high-quality refrigerators to the customers. The refrigerator that we are talking about here has an excellent construction and eye-catching design. The smart inverter compressor enhances the functionality of the product. It enhances the overall performance of the refrigerator. This refrigerator has a 4-star rating which means you can save a lot of your money in electricity bills. Apart from that, the smart connect technology of the refrigerator is beyond amazing.

Things we liked

  • The refrigerator offers a very fast ice making feature.
  • The gasket is antibacterial and easy to clean.
  • The construction of the product is ergonomic.

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing so far.

Refrigerator Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get rid of the foul odor in my refrigerator?

Getting rid of foul odor in a refrigerator is a simple task, all you have to do is switch off the refrigerator and then remove everything and clean it. Once, you have cleaned the shelves, door, and the interior of the refrigerator. Switch on the refrigerator and check if the foul smell still exists. If so, then the best thing to do is to apply baking soda on a few tissue paper and then place them inside the refrigerator for at least one day. This will absorb any foul odor in the refrigerator.

  1. My refrigerator door does not close, how to fix it?

If your refrigerator is fresh and new, then it could be due to some packaging item still attached to the door seal, check if anything is sticking to the door gasket; if any remove it. A simple layer of Vaseline on the door gasket could also help you increase the efficiency of the door seal. On the other hand, if your refrigerator is old, try to clean the door gasket and see if it closes, if not. Consider contacting an authorized service center.

  1. Is it necessary that I place the refrigerator on a plane surface?

Yes, it is mandatory to place the refrigerator on a plane surface. This could help the refrigerator work efficiently. Remember, all refrigerators are designed to be mounted on a plain surface only.

  1. Refrigerator under a price of INR 15000 is any good?

Yes, it does not matter if the price is below INR 15000 or above INR 15000, if the refrigerator is from a reputed brand and offers all the features you need, then consider purchasing it. If you check the market you would find products from top brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, LG, etc. markets products in this price range.

  1. My refrigerator is not cooling the contents efficiently, what are some of the things that I could check?

First, you have to check if the refrigerator is on a defrosting mode, if yes, then understand that it is not working. Wait for some time for the refrigeration process to restart. If the refrigerator is not on defrost, then you will have to first check these things. First, move closer to the refrigerator and check there is leakage. If you find any leak, then try cleaning the door gasket and if it does not fix the issue, then contact an authorized service center and ask them to replace the door gasket. Now, if the gasket is okay and there is no leak, then check if the fan inside is working, this could be done found out if you place your ear on the refrigerator and listening. If the fan is not working, it could be due to fan malfunction or any other circuit issue. To fix this issue, contact an authorized service center.

  1. Is it necessary to clean the refrigerator regularly?

Yes, if you do not want any stains or foul odor to build up in your refrigerator, then you must clean the refrigerator regularly.


Refrigerators, are hence a requirement for every house as it is convenient for people to store food items inside refrigerator rather than shopping every day. With this, the convenience of people increases as well as the food remains hygienic storing in the refrigerator. As price is always an important thing to consider, we have focused in this article about refrigerators that can be purchased under 15000 Rs.

From the list, you might got a pretty good idea about each model and we have given our pros and cons regarding the product for your convenience. Once you are clear with your choice, you can use the link provided to check out the product.

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