The Best Body Wash For Babies In India

There are so many choices available regarding baby bath products, whether that’s soaps, shampoos, lotions or body wash. At the same time, new parents want to make sure they choose the best ones for their baby, which is why it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a little confused while choosing the right bath products for your infant or toddler.

While most baby shampoos in the market today have been clinically tested and are not known to have side effects, many products don’tmany products don’t undergo rigorous testing.

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As a parent, keeping the following guidelines in mind will help you make the right choices:

Choose natural products

When you pick a bath product for your baby, whether that’s a shampoo, body washes, or lotion, going natural is always a good idea. Our daily skin-care products are loaded with toxins and chemicals, and your baby may not yet have built the kind of immunity to handle such a high level of toxicity. Choose from organic, toxin-free products that are made from natural ingredients. Also, look for products that go above and beyond when it comes to clinical testing.

Read labels carefully

Before selecting bath products for your little one, just turn the bottle around and read the label so that you know exactly what’s in it. A quick label check will also help you ensure that the product has been clinically tested.

Go for products with good reviews.

Understandably, baby products are the one area where you don’t want to take a chance. The most fool-proof way of using the right organic brand is by asking your paediatrician for a recommendation. Even if you’re buying organic products online, do your homework.

Only use clinically tested products if your baby is allergy-prone

If your little one is prone to allergies, make sure that every bath product you buy is dermatologically tested.

Products from the same brand

Most brands design their products in a way that makes them work well together. Buying different products from different brands confuses your baby’s body and should be avoided. For instance, you need to nourish your baby’s hair with oil before you shampoo it.

Go for vitamin-boosted bath products.

Vitamin-based baby soaps, body washes, lotions, and shampoos are available today. Products enriched with Vitamin E, D and A provide that extra nourishment to your baby’s skin, scalp and hair roots.


Your baby’s skin and hair care is something you absolutely shouldn’t compromise on. The nourishment and care during these early years will go a long way for your child. It’s just as important to ensure that the products you use in these years have no side effects. Making smart, careful choices and sticking to organic, toxin-free products is the way to go.

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