The Best Acoustic Guitar Under 10000 in India

Among all the musical instruments, the guitar stands out for its sound, portability and comparatively easy to learn factors. Anyone can find guitar tutorials online and learn at home. The only thing which binds from learning is the guitar itself. Having a quality guitar can ease the learning procedure.

One can find guitar prices starting from 5,000 to as max as 10 lakh rupees. With that said, there is certainly a difference in guitar quality based on the price. A good guitar for the learner is available for 7,000 rupees. If you are out there and looking for the best guitar, you might feel confused. All guitars in the lower price point look the same, sound almost similar (to learners) and don’t seem much intuitive.

To end this hassle, we made a list of top acoustic guitars that are under 10000 rupees and provide future-proof usage. Let’s begin with the quest of top guitars under rupees 10,000 in India –

List of Best Acoustic Guitar Below 10000 INR

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