Arkray G+ Glucocard Glucometer: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

In today’s scientific world we find lots of new equipment and product which help us to check, diabetes, blood pressure, glucose level, etc. During the last fifty years, a series of tools captured the market.

Diabetes is caused due to unstable glucose generation in the body, or when our body cants able to produce glucose, which is also the cause of diabetes in our body. This disease also passed from generation, like if someone in your family has diabetes, then the younger generation also face the problem of low glucose production.

A blood glucose meter is a small portable machine used to measure the quantity of glucose content in the blood. Arkray Glucocard G+ glucometer designed in such a manner that you can check your glucose level anytime or anywhere, and faster and easier way.

Arkray Glucocard G+ has individually packed striped which gives you accurate results. The product is designed by Japan’s advanced technology and manufactured in India. The product is packed in such a manner, that the product cannot be exposed to humidity also increases the longevity of the product.

Following are some of the features of the product and it is manufactured by Arkray Healthcare Pvt ltd, they are as follows:

Features of Arkray Glucocard G+

  • Advanced Technology: the product is made of advanced technology of Japan and also manufactured by India, hence it is the trusted product to use. This product has 1 glucometer, 10 lancets, 1 lancing device, 10 strips, 1 carrying case, and a manual. The product is packed individually so that it cannot be affected by humidity and the highest heat.
  • Fastest Results: You can get the fastest results by sitting in the home. You don’t have to wait in queues, for the results, we don’t have to fear syringes, because the stripes act as syringes and it is use and throw type, so need not fear of any infection and harmful bacteria.
  • Easy To Handle: this is lightweight, due to which it is easy to carry and lightweight products are easy to handle.
  • Easy determination of results: You can have a good comparative study on the glucose level before and after meals, this will help you to have proper control on meals and regular exercises to be followed.


  • Fast test results in a home
  • Long-lasting life of 18 months and more.
  • We can able to educate ourselves, by self-monitoring this will help us to follow the proper diet and workouts.
  • This helps in quick results than laboratories.
  • Help patients to determine changes to be made and we can do self-care.
  • If you are using insulin, this will help to notify the amount of dose taken, and why doctors suggest taking insulin
  • We have to follow 5 easy steps and you get the results as fast as possible.


  • We should have to follow proper instructions before using the device if want takes the help of experts or doctors.
  • Keep away from the reach of children, if mistakenly fallen or accident happen product cannot give you better results.
  • The cost of supplies is high, and not affordable for all.
  • A small mistake can cause inconvenience and discomfort.

Safety information:

Before using this glucometer, keep these points in your mind-

  • Don’t rift your finger very hard.
  • Don’t press the meter to squeeze excessive blood.
  • Use only a small amount of blood for testing.
  • Keep this glucometer away from heat and sunlight.

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