10 Tips to Make Impression at Your Office Party

5. Don’t eat too much

Never let other people think that your focus on the party is food. You can eat but don’t stuff yourself with too much food. Just put a little bit on your plate and go back after few minutes. Eat moderately and don’t eat greedily. Don’t eat too much even if you are hungry.

4. Be good to everyone

Speak softly and act politely. Avoid arguments. When your enemies come, never let them ruin your day. Do good to them even if they do the opposite to you. If possible, fix things up. You are not a child anymore. Don’t be rude to anyone even to young ones.

3. Spread out your smile

Let other people see what a charming smile you have. This will show your friendliness and this will reveal your good personality. Smiling makes other people around you feel comfortable as well. They will love to talk to you and they feel good mingling with you.

2. Don’t leave too early but never leave late

Never leave too early as this will make them feel you don’t like the party. Make it a hobbit to never go home without knowing most of the people attending on it. Do your best to show up to them and remain long enough until the party is totally over but never stay there till the morning comes.

1. Give thanks


Say thank you to everyone especially if you’re having a great time. Say thank you to the party host for inviting you to be a part of it. Showing appreciation is the real gesture of professionalism.

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