10 Things That Every Indian Hates to Hear

Most Indians have patriotism and pride for their country rooted deep in their hearts. They want to speak the best about their country and culture and hear the same from others too. Anything ill said about the country or its traditions, is beyond their tolerance level.

Here are 10 things that every Indian hates to hear:

#1. When someone calls India a developing nation, it becomes hard to digest for the people of the country because according to them, Indian scientists and historians have made great contribution to the modern world. In fact, it was the ancient astronomers and scientist of India who gave the concept of zero to the world and also suggested that the earth could be round in shape.

#2. Another thing that Indians cannot hear about the country and its people is when someone calls them loud and uncultured because they would rather consider themselves to be expressive rather than loud.

#3. India is not about huge population, but a country with excellent manpower and human resources. In fact, Indians have been held in high regard around the world for their impressive intelligence and brain power.

#4. Next among the 10 things that every Indian hates to hear is that people consider the Indian citizens to be narrow minded and backward, because the youth of the country make a progressive lot.

#5. When foreigners take the credit for the growth of IT sector in the country, it comes up as an absolutely intolerable thing for Indians who consider themselves equally instrumental for the IT boom in the nation.

#6. Indian politics is usually called dirty but the younger generation is looking for and striving for change as far as the political scenario is concerned. They are coming together to raise a voice against corruption and malpractices which are circulating on a widespread level.

#7. Sometimes, people say that India has prospered under the rule of the foreign invaders but it is something no Indian would want to hear because the country was the original home of the rich civilization of Indus Valley and the invaders came much later.

#8. India is regarded as a cricket crazy nation but it would be wrong to say that it has produced only successful cricketers because sportsmen and sportswomen from the country have excelled in many other fields too.

#9. Most of the Indians would be totally irritated when they hear people saying that Indian actors and Indian movies are not worthy of the Oscars as actors and films are literally worshipped in the country. And Indian actors have now become recognized faces the world over.

#10. Another thing which is unacceptable to any Indian is when a comment is made on the rich culture and history of the country because every Indian takes pride in it and considers it to be the best in the world.

Indians are very emotional and sentimental by nature and will not hear a single thing against the country and the fellowmen. So be careful the next time you say anything against them!

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