10 Reasons Why Men Hardly Understand Women

5. Girls Will Always Insist that they are Right and You are Wrong

Having some arguments with girls is a hassle for men since they tend not to believe to your explanations since they have this thought that they are always right. In fact, they make sure that they have some concrete evidence when they are accusing something. When they say you’re wrong, then you are wrong even though you are really the correct one. Isn’t it unfair to you boys?

4. Women are Fickle-Minded Ones

It simply means that they always make a change of mind. Now they will believe you, and after some hours, they won’t. Today, they want you to talk to them with just any other things that can be talked about. But tomorrow, you might be surprised that they no longer want to hear too much from you. It will surely feel like you don’t have any idea what they are thinking about.

3. Women Have Menstrual Cycle Every Month

Needless to say, women always experience the natural menstrual cycle, in which they will become moody and hard to understand. Well, it is actually because they feel so much emotions when they have this period. They feel pain, they feel untidy, and they don’t feel like talking to anyone. It is just normal for a woman who is having a period, but lots of men don’t understand it.

2. Girls are Demanding

Boys definitely find it hard to understand why girls are very demanding. They want you to do this and that, which you don’t feel like doing. They want you to be always there at their side, but when you are the one who need them, they might say some excuses especially if they have an appointment that is very important for them, even though it is really not.

1. Girls are Controllers

In a relationship, girls always love to be the controller of the game. Meaning to say, they are usually the one who make decisions on things that involved your relationship. What they need are supporting boyfriends. They think that you are there to support them even though it is against your will. They even tell you what to do and what you shouldn’t. Boys are much like puppets to girls most of the time.

These are 10 reasons why men hardly understand women. Well, you can’t help it. They are girls, after all.