10 Most Favorite American Foods of All Time

When we talk about the foods that have roots in United States, we cannot count them as they are numerous in numbers. America may be the birthplaces of numerous inventions like the airplane, printing press etc. there are other countless foods that may not be originated in America but have become the top most favorite in America. The cuisine of United States definitely reflects the history of its nation. The delicious transformation of the American culinary creativities gives numerous foods in United States to such favorite foods.

Here is the list of the top 10 most favorite American Foods that are liked by all the people of United States:

10. Cheesecake


Here is one of the most favorite foods that have become the all -time favorite of Americans. This creamy, divine and the delicious dish are beyond description that melts in the mouth of yours and brings you to the ultimate paradise on Earth. The cheesecake is having the buttery creamy cheesy base with the tons of condiments and nuts.

9. Doughnuts

Next most favorite dish that is liked by almost all the people of United States. Doughnuts are produced every year in America by the rate of almost 10 billion every year. The Donut industry in United States is worth of almost 3.6 billion dollars. That is fair enough to say that donuts make the 9th most favorite dish of Americans.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holding the 8th rank in our list, Chocolate Chip cookies are another one of the most favorite and the most special treats that are often presented as the desserts in United States. With the indulgence of the rich chocolate chips in between the every single cookie with the crunchy chew base gives the most comforting treat to the Americans and that is the reason they are holding a place in our list.

7. Chicken and Waffles

This one is the complete combo of sweet and savory flavors that have now become the staple breakfast of people of United States. With the tender chicken bites and the stacks of buttery waffles create the ultimate burst of flavor in your mouth. This breakfast staple is one of the most popular and the most liked dish all across the United States.

6. Pancakes


There is always a room for pancakes while it comes to the most favorite American foods. You can try the pancakes in numerous variations but you cannot go without any of the pancakes in your life. Pancakes are surely the very different thing from the cakes, but it is basically a round flat cake that is topped with various toppings like the maple syrups, fruits, chocolate or nuts. This is simply the best thing that can make people happy.

5. Mac and Cheese

Not only the love of all Americans, this is one of the best dish that is love of native to any region on Earth. This baked American macaroni and cheese combination is prolific and oh so good that has gained popularity immediately after its invention.

4. Hot Dogs

Hot dog, yum! Thinking its name gives the so much tender and exotic feeling that is given doubled when you taste it. The typical American hot dog, when sandwiched between a buttered slice of bun makes the one of the most popularized dish in the whole America.

3. Soft Drinks

According to the recent survey that was conducted on the American population, almost every person consumes a glass of a soft drink every day. This defines the popularity of soft drinks among the people of United States. Soda is one of the major sources of added sugar in the diet of Americans.

2. S’mores

S’mores is one of the simplest desserts that are unique, sweet and crunchy. This is basically the roasted marshmallows that are sandwiched between the graham crackers and the layer of chocolate. The S’more is the thing that every American craves for.

1. Burgers


Burger is nearly on the each and every restaurant’s menu in America. An average American consumes almost 3 burgers in a single week. Whether you are talking about the cheese burger or the beef burger, it depends on choice but burgers are always on the top of the list of every person living in United States.