10 Most Dangerous Man Eating Animals on the Earth

Man has always feared the wild, as most of the dangerous man eating animals are inhabitants of wild and lonely forests. Certain wild animals have been a threat to human race since ancient times, which is the reason which drove early man to invent weapons to combat these deadly animals, and the threat continues to persist till date, though man has developed equally deadly weapons for his protection.

Listed below are top 10 most dangerous man-eating animals on the earth:

10. Komodo Dragon Lizard

Komodo Dragon Lizard

Lizards are considered harmless t human beings, but Komodo Dragon Liard, which is one of the largest species of lizards, can be man eating as reported in some cases. Normally, this reptile does not attack, but when provoked, it becomes aggressive and can bite and even kill humans.

9. Python


Another dangerous man eating species is the deadly python, which swallows up its victim as a whole. Attacks on human have been quite uncommon, with children more susceptible to attack.

8. Sloth Bear/Mysore Bear

Sloth Bear

Though its looks are not dangerous, but sloth bears are one of the most dangerous man eaters on the Asian continent. These heavy bodied animals act very aggressively when they sense danger. They have extremely sharp teeth and claws and literally disfigure the prey, attacking head and face more frequently.

7. Tigers


Next on the list of 10 most dangerous man eaters on earth comes the tiger, which have been reported as active man eaters in northern India, killing thousands of people from the 1800s till the recent times, the last ne reported in 2009. Most of the man eaters are injured or aged tigers, who find easy prey in human beings.

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6. Leopards


Another animal which has a reputation of being a deadly man eater is the leopard, which though smaller than lions and tigers, is one of the strongest animals. It becomes even more dangerous once it gets to taste human flesh. India has reported numerous leopard attacks through the 19th and 20th centuries.

5. Wolves


Wolves are also known to be the most dangerous man eaters on the earth, with the worst wolf attack reported in France in 1764-67, in which nearly 113 people were killed by the Beast of Gevaudan. Some attacks have been reported in other parts f Europe and South India too.

4. Man Eating Lions

Man Eating Lions

Man eating lions are considered to be the most dangerous species, which have been posing danger to humans since long. Most of the lions resort to man eating when they become injured or too old to chase swifter animals in the wild. However, cases have been reported where perfectly healthy lions have also resorted to man eating.

3. Shark


Featuring next on the list of 10 most dangerous man eating animals on the earth is the man eating shark. Numerous incidents of shark attacks are reported around the world every year, many of them being fatal. The sharks have tremendous jaws, with 300 sharp teeth to bite through the prey and cause instant death.

2. Brown Bears

Brown Bears

Another deadly man eating species is that of the brown bear, which has sharp claws and powerful teeth, making it as strong and deadly as a lion. One of the worst brown bear attack was reported in Japan nearly hundred years ago, when a whole village was abandoned after a series of attacks by Kesagake, a dangerous brown bear.

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1. CrocodilesCrocodiles

These huge animals are amongst the most dangerous man eaters on the earth, reportedly killing as many as 2000 victims every year around the world. These animals are known to have great attraction for human flesh and can easily see and sense prey from a distance, with its sense organs located high on their heads.

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Piranhas and hyenas are some more animals which are noted as man eaters and danger to human beings.