Top Ten Fastest Helicopters in the World 2017

The technology behind the manufacture of aircraft continue to improve as years go by. The technology that was only a product of one’s imagination in previous years is is already a reality today!

The same thing can be said with helicopters. While they are completely functional and a necessity especially during times of war, relief from natural disasters, and emergencies, the technology and the engineering behind the manufacture of these helicopters have also greatly improved in leaps and bounds.

The list shows the fastest-flying helicopters:

10. AH-64D Apache

AH-64D Apache

 Owned by the United States Army, it is one of the most advanced helicopters that can perform a variety of functions. Its speed averages at 264 kilometers per hour in good weather. Its high-performing engine enables the helicopter to reach an altitude of 16,000 feet. It also has a rate climb of 2,900 feet per minute.

 9. Mil Mi 26

Mil Mi 26

Known as the Halo, this Russian-engineered helicopter is used to transport heavy equipment – and by heavy we mean trucks, planes, and other REALLY heavy equipment! It is the largest and strongest helicopter that is equipped with D-136 turbo shaft engines. It can fly non-stop at 800 kilometers without refuelling and can reach a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet.

8. Mi 28 N Night Hunter

Mi 28 N Night Hunter

Made completely by Russian engineers and scientists, it is a helicopter designed for battle and warfare. It can destroy tanks, un-armoured vehicles, and low speed airborne targets. Its maximum speed in full fuel is 300 kilometers per hour and can fly up to an altitude of 5,600 feet.

7. K52 Alligator

K52 Alligator

This super modern helicopter was engineered to perfection in Russia, with the purpose of using it in reconnaissance missions and in actual combat. It is designed to destroy land targets such as tanks, armoured and un-armoured vehicles, ground enemy troops and lesser helicopters. The helicopter’s masterfully-designed engine allows it to reach an altitude of over 16,000 feet and can withstand the warmest and iciest weather conditions.

6. NH 90

NH 90

Though not as mammoth as other helicopters, this NATO owned helicopter is designed to fulfill battlefield operations over land or over sea. The high-performance engine enables it to reach a maximum altitude of 10,500 feet and can climb 2.200 feet per minute.

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