Top Ten Developments in India Over The Last Decade

With a population of over 1.2 billion people, India is one of the largest economies in the country. After almost 6 decades from Independence, the country today has worked a lot to improve its image and it has indeed succeeded in a lot of ways. There are many developments that the country has done so far and all the developments or the growth of the country was just remarkable and it is worth mentioning. It is a country with the highest democracy and has some brilliant minds, which can work wonders for the nation and can help it develop it more in no time. India has developed a lot in past ten-20 years and the development was remarkable. Here is a list of Top Ten Developments in India in over the Last Decade.

10. Rural Development

In the last few years, the rural development of the country has gained a massive change. Around 97% of the kids from the rural area are enrolled in the private or government schools. The country has also focused on increasing the tourism, a lot of small scale industries have been developed making individuals confident and independent.

9. Increase in Power Supply

Power Supply

The country has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years, of which, the power energy is one of the most important one. The new Electricity act 2003, helped in revamping the power sector the the country.

8. Development in Military and Research

indian army

India over the last few years has spent a lot on the armies to make new arms and missiles for the country. The Agni missile is one of its kind and also the Arjun Tank, which is one of their fine products. Hence, it is one of the most notable developments of the country in recent years.

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7. Media and Entertainment

goa nightlife

India is a hub of art, especially when it comes to Movies and entertainment India has never lagged behind. The media industry of the country grows by 12.3% every year and this particular has never looked back and they are just developing and growing with a rapid speed.

6. Tourism

Benaulim, Goa

It is one of the sources of the Indian Income, which is very important and has been maintained by the government of India. The Incredible India campaign has been playing a major role in this. Though, India still needs a large number of hotels and room services to accommodate so many tourists and they are working indigenously towards it.

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