Top Ten Best Scooty / Scooters in India of All Time


In amidst of the bigger equivalents of the automobile industry, the history behind us is corroded all throughout. With synopsis on the four-wheel muscle romps, the thought of the previous gen two-wheel has eroded from memory.

Lest we don’t forget it all, India drove by two-wheelers during the start of what we call the economic boom for the nation. Often these several historical two wheelers or scooter have become dismembered and are lying akin in our garage.

But how about we rekindle the love affair with the scooty via this blog. We thought so. Here’s a blog featuring the top ten best scooty in India of all time. Let’s get the time-machine rolling back.

10) Honda Activa

Honda Activa 3G

  • An evergreen one running the roads by its rules, this one from Honda was launched back in 2000.
  • This one made quite a mark in India and remains loved till date.
  • The scooty has gone through multiple advancements and upgrades over the years.
  • The current model of it features-
Engine Displacement 124.9 cc
Power 8 Bhp
Torque 8.83 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3ltr
Mileage 67 km/ltr

9) TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter

  • TVS joins our list at 9th
  • The Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, TVS rolled this one in 2013.
  • The scooty made quite a mark in the Indian riders as it became quite loved in a short span of time.
  • Here’s what makes this one such a delight-
Engine Displacement 109 cc
Power 7.8 Bhp
Torque 8 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 56ltr
Mileage 5 km/ltr

8) Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access

  • Suzuki, a Japanese automobile giant, launched this one back in 2007
  • The scooty remains a prominent choice for most of the people.
  • Here’s a sneak-peek of it-
Engine Displacement 124 cc
Power 8.58 Bhp
Torque 9.8 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 6ltr

7) Hero MotoCorp’s Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp’s Pleasure

  • Hero’s signature scooty, Pleasure remains a viable option since 2005.
  • It was the first venture of Hero into scooty segment and boy did they made it great.
  • Here’s what the specs state it-
Engine Displacement 102 cc
Power 6.91 Bhp
Torque 8.10 Nm
Fuel Capacity 5
Mileage 77 km/ltr

6) Honda Dio

Honda Dio

  • Another one from Honda, this one was wheeled out back in 2001.
  • It remains one of the top seller two-wheeler scooty of India.
  • Here’s what you’ll get with this one-
Engine Displacement 109 cc
Power 6 Bhp
Torque 8 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 6ltr
Mileage 66 km/ltr

5) Bajaj Sunny

Bajaj Sunny

  • This one remains a firm favorite for many in India.
  • A scooty that was the one to introduce automatic gearbox, this one made quite a mark.
  • This one is currently out of production having made its first start in 1990.
  • A snap view of what we go with these are down here-
Engine Displacement 60 cc
Power 2.8 Bhp
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.5ltr
Top Speed 50 km/hr

4) Hero Puch

Hero Puch

  • No list of best scooty is complete without this one from Hero.
  • This one was immensely popular among the youths and had a quite a lure at the time.
  • It had three variants and features smartly integrated design.
  • The specs are mentioned below-
Engine Type 2 Stroke
Mileage 50-55 km/ltr

3) Kinetic Honda

Kinetic Honda

  • A by-product between venture of Kinetic India and Honda Japan, this one was one of the first scooty to roll out in India.
  • Kinetic Honda was launched back in 1994 and became synonymous for two-wheelers for a decade or two.
  • Here’s what it offered back in the hay day-
Engine Displacement 98 cc
Power 7.7 Bhp
Mileage 40 km/ltr

2) Bajaj M80

Bajaj M80

  • Launched back in mid-1980’s, this one was one of the top sellers in the step-thru two-wheeler
  • This one was one of the most technologically advanced and upgraded scooty of the time.
  • Let’s take a peek at it features-
Engine Displacement 92 cc
Power 5.2Bhp
Torque 5.4 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 4ltr

1) Bajaj Priya

Bajaj Priya

  • The top of the pile belongs to Bajaj Priya, a prime time officer choice for two-wheelers.
  • This one was modelled on Bajaj 150 which was itself based on Vespa’s Piaggio 150.
  • It ran the rule from 1976 to 2006 when it was discontinued.
  • Time for the feature list of this one-
Engine Displacement 150 cc
Engine type 2 speed
Speed Transmission 3 speed
Mileage 30 km/ltr

That’s all from us on the top 10 best scooty in India of all time. We shall be back with more the next time. Ciao.

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