Top Ten Best Marathi Movies of All Time

The movies are the important section of the entertainment industry. It is an essential part of revenue. Indian Bollywood industry has great impact on the society and they are becoming main part of the audience but if we check the Marathi Cinema, various movies are famous for their stories and business. The Marathi movies have the potential to bind the audience, one of the examples is Sairat who is a simple story but grabs most of the audiences of Indian film industry. Counting about the talents which Marathi Industry has given is not really easy but most famous celebrities from Marathi Film Industry are Anurag Kashyap and Nana Patekar etc.It’s really shameful and regretting that Marathi cinema has given so much business but not getting enough screens across the country. Everyone must admit and agree that Marathi movies are also touching and fascinating. The simple dramatic stories make everyone enjoy in this hectic life.

Describing about the scripts, let’s Share Top Ten Best Marathi Movies of All Time:

10. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali

The story is a musical duel which depicts two families who have musical background. The word means “A dagger through the heart”. The daily life Greed, politics and human imperfections made their way but the melodious and ear soothing music stops the audience. It has made to achieve great business in the Marathi Film Industry

9. Dombivali Fast

The award winning Marathi film revolves around the middle class man who goes on rampage against the system because he finds himself in the corruption and injustice. He speaks against them and suffers. This is a National Award winning Marathi Film which was directed by the famous talented Nishikant Kamat, the movie has the captivating power which can easily attracts and binds the audience. The business done by the movie was appreciable.


One can’t stop himself telling about Killa, if talking about the Marathi movies. This is the story highlighting the brilliance of Killa. This an epic story of an 11 year old guy Chinmay, who resides with his mother and moved to a small town when her mother gets transfer. The story depicts the adjustment of the guy and inability to describe the condition to his mother. Then Chinmay enjoys his personal as well as enjoyable journey.

7. Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy

This is totally dramatic and pure cinematic story. In this the story was reflecting an anger of an individual named Dinkar Maruti Bhosale, who was fed from the outsiders in Mumbai. He was facing Identity crisis, thinking no Maharashtra left. The person was inspired by the spirit of Shivaji Maharaja.

6. Pune 52

Other than from the same boring loving stories, Pune 52 is a non-thriller story which revolves around a private detective who had faced those conditions that no one would like to be in because who was hired by a seductive woman to spy on her husband. It is the best entertainment movie of 90’s which was featuring national award winning actors.

5. Fandry

You must hear about Fandry, if not then you must be living on the hills. The story has Jabaya who is 13 years old and his father beaten up for his low caste. ON the other side, Jabaya was in love with a girl of forward cast at a school. His loved was not accepted and faced the brutalities of the caste system. The love story was interesting and eye catching.

4. Natsamrat

The leading actor Nana Patekar has been in the main role and no doubted delivered the unbelievable performance, being a theatre actor has done the picturesque description of Shakespeare work on stage. He was left by his children and then he went on a self an-nihilistic journey.

3. Deool

Lord told him there will negativity in building a temple in the village. The second role is of social activist who was standing against the using of funds in construction of temple, he wants to do something for the society. The construction took place in the village but God was really forgotten in the materialistic things. The lesson is that everyone of us needs Deool, than it needs us. The value of God was shown and the teaching was given that every human needs God. Materialistic things cannot compensate the value of Almighty in anyone’s life.

2. Harishchandrachi Factory

I know you haven’t seen any Marathi movie, and then this can be the first one. This is the story of Dada Sahab Phalke that how he came and how he created India’s first moving picture. This movie is the epic and must be seen by Indian Film Industry. He has established the Indian film Industry.

1. Court


It is a well- known film that has made every Indian proud by taking official entry to the Oscars 2016. This movie has bagged many International Film Awards, and Court has the magical effect on the audience and jury.

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