Top Ten Best International Schools in India 2017

Education is very important for the kids to grow and develop and to providing them with the best and quality education, is the duty of the parents. There are various schools across the country, few are normal, few are international. People nowadays prefer to put their kids in International schools, for their overall development. These schools focus on the overall development of the child and prepare them for tomorrow. Along with providing them with quality education they also provide a lot of extracurricular activities to the kids.

Here is a list of top ten International schools in India:

10. International School of Hyderabad

International School of Hyderabad

ISH is an English medium co-instructive day school that gives training to youngsters between the ages of a year and a half to 18 years. At present our understudy body constitutes of more than 300 substitutes from more than 28 distinguished nations. Most of the stand-ins at ISH are from abroad.


9. École Mondiale World School, Mumbai

École Mondiale World School, Mumbai

You need to be guaranteed that the training that your kid gets is balanced, saturated with a soul of inquiry and covering the advanced art and, in addition, the sciences. It would offer you to realize that several our understudies some assistance with having been put in presumed colleges, both in India and universally taking after their school graduation.


8. Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

Great Shepherd International School was established by Dr.P.C.Thomas in February 1977. A straightforward, yet unmistakable and firm basic reasoning of the school, to give a comprehensive education while being immersed with the rich Indian illuminating method and center qualities, has been gotten absolutely around the world.


7. Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

As one enters Scottish High International School, what strikes the most is the extravagant structure. The remarkable gritty and rusted block makes one drive to look all starry eyed at the first sight. The rooftop clad with dim tiles and a la mode decorations are reminiscent of revered English standards and are implicit commonplace Scottish style building design that legitimizes the name of the school.


6. The International School, Bangalore

The International School, Bangalore

The school plans to give an energizing all-around training as the first stage in a specifically satisfying and socially helpful life. It plans understudies for University concentrates on around the world.


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  1. Mihir says:


    I appreciate reading your article.

    Can you please share any other sources that I may use to find more information about schools in India. Also I am wondering how you are compiling this list. What determining factors influenced your choices?

    Thank You Kindly,

    -Mihir Patel

  2. Vikash Kholi says:

    Very Good Article, thanks for sharing such a nice information..
    Tula’s International School is one of the Best Boarding School in India. It is known as modern Gurukul of India, where modern education is merged with the ancient Gurukul methodologies. Tula’s International is a perfect merger of the academic knowledge and extra co-curricular activities. In TIS, students grow into a well-educated, independent individual with an all round personality. Tula’s International School ensures the overall personality development of the students. The experienced team of Tula’s ensures that students never feel away from home. Here students get the environment like a home and discipline like a Gurukul.

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