Top Ten Best Animation Institutes in India 2016

Since childhood, we have been watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Popeye the sailor man, the Jungle book and many more such cartoons on television or on any other source of media. All those were 2D animations, but were still advanced, today we have seen Kung Fu Panda, The Lion King, Ice Age, The croods and many more such amazing movies which were all 3D and were loved by many. These movies are 3D and they have been created by some great animators of the country. The Pixar and Disney film are such platform where they make amazing animation movies for the viewers. There are various colleges in India providing the courses for animation studies. You must be sure of what you are doing before getting into this field. It really needs a lot of creativity an artistic hand and a vision to create something new and extraordinarily beautiful which will appeal the viewers and they will like to come and watch what you have made. Our country has many animators and Ram Mohan is considered as the father of animation in India, Gayatri Rao; who have done some wonderful work in the field of animation. It is a great career options as it is still going in the Indian market. Here is a list of top ten animation colleges in India.

10. TOONZ Webel Academy

It was established in the year 2002, and is located in Kerala. It is a private institute and has won many awards for its course. They have many short term and long term courses to offer.


9. Picasso Animation College

With quality teaching and atmosphere, Picasso is one of the best animation colleges in India. It caters many courses related with animation. It has its college located in New Delhi.


8. FX School

Located in Mumbai, this school offers various courses in the field of animation and also film making. It is one of the best animation schools and has some amazing faculty. They have high end technology and latest software to teach you animation.


7. Frameboxx Animation

It was established in the year 2007, and is located in Mumbai and has various branches across the country. It is one of the best animation institutes in India and offers various courses in the field.


6. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics MAAC

It is one of the leading animation studios in the country and is certified by the International VFX and Animation Council. It has some great faculty and has many branches across the country, which offers various courses to the students.



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