Top 8 Biggest Social Movements in the History of the World

The world has witnessed some great social movements in its history, which have, to a great extent influenced the way things are at present. In these social movements, people around the world have gathered together and used various means, violent and peaceful, with the purpose of bringing big changes into the society. These were carried out with the aim to build a better tomorrow for the generations to come, and many of them have been successful in this regard.

Listed below are the top 8 biggest social movements in the history of the world:

8. Children’s Rights Movement

Another major social movement is Children Rights Movement, which is aimed at protecting the interests of minor children and making sure that they are not discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, color, gender and origin. Also, they have a right to live a life free of physical and mental abuse.

7. Occupy Movement

Occupy movement was carried out to raise a voice against social and economic disparity around the world, with protests going on in more than 950 cities in 82 countries. The main concern of this movement was that the present day world is being controlled by large corporations and financial powers.

6. Arab Spring

Arab Spring is the name given to the social movement, which involved protests and demonstrations to free Arab countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Israel, Iraq and Kuwait, of dictatorship and have democracies established there.

5. Animal Rights Movement

Featuring next among the biggest social movements in the history of the world is Animals Rights Movement, whereby people have joined hands to advocate the protection of rights of animals and prevent their exploitation for trade purposes.

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