Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2016-17

With a busy modern lifestyle, in which most of the couples are working, washing machines have become a necessity for Indian homes. Washing machines, both fully automatic and semi automatic, has made our lives a lot easier. When you decide to purchase a washing machine, you need to look for trusted brands, which provide reliability, comprehensive features and affordability as a part of the package, as this is a long term consumer product for your home. The Indian market today, is flooded with a large number of washing machine brands for consumers to pick from.

So, here is a list of top 10 best washing machine brands to buy in India:

10. Onida


The washing capacity of fully automatic Onida washing machines goes up to 70 kg and mainly designed with an anti-rust fiber body. Such implementation facilitates lasting of the products for years. The powerful motor of 2100W, an inner tube made of stainless steel and presence of castor to move the machine, lures people to go for this product.

Onida offers other variations of machines with different specifications, such as Splendor- WOF7010LS, Splendor- W6oFSP1WH, Splendor- WOF5508NW and Splendor- WO68TSPHYDRA-LR, Super-WO68TSU, Super-WO70TSPHYDRA-LR, etc.

9. Godrej


Being the topmost users’ choice Godrej washing machines come with cloth load indicator that makes the user aware of the load that the machine can take. Even, inbuilt water heater heats water up to 55 degree that allows disinfecting cloths and facilitate the effectiveness of detergent.

There is an efficient gravity drum to move the clothes effectively and provide scrubbing option. Besides all these, features like cascade waterfall design, Digital control panel, detergent mixer, Aqua Jet Pulsator to detangle and scrub the clothes are there.  Dry tab protection is there to protect the water inlet valve from burning out. Even, the machines clean itself with ‘Tub Clean’ mechanism and soak clothes automatically.

8. Haier


Haier washing machines are one of the desired ranges of appliances. From Haier, consumers not only get the vertical flipping washing for a controlled and strong water flow from all directions but also get an effective cleaning.

Platinum Drum with solderless joint, rust free mechanism, smooth and shining surface appeals the most. Even, there is the presence of Smart Capsule to store the smart balls; movement of balls is initiated when the water flow starts. There is a Double Balancing Ring technology to avoid noise and to increase stability.

7. Panasonic


Whether it is foam based effective stain removal or use of Aquabeat technology for front load washing machine, all are available at Panasonic. Active foam wash ensures advanced washing that removes the hard stains. At the beginning of the cycle, the drum rotates at high speed and dissolve the detergent with water and let the shower create foam and let the foam get inside the clothing fibers to lift out the dirt and stains.

While revolutionary Aquabeat Technology optimizes the washing time, water and energy, the superior drying system dries clothes with the powerful flow of air at a speed of spin 1000-1200 RPM. Even, Panasonic front load machines are known as energy and water efficient.

6. Videocon


Videocon is a key player in the Indian washing machine market, which has been supplying top grade fully and semi automatic machine to Indian consumers for years now. It has launched the first tilt drum fully automatic machine in the country, which is an innovative technology to help you get the cleanest washing for your clothes. Some other features available in various models of this brand of washing machines are fuzzy logic, quick wash, variable spin selection, digital display, child lock, delay start and memory backup.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2016-17”

  1. Srikant says:

    Lol IFB and no. 1.. no other machines give as much trouble as an IFB, no name of Siemens etc and Bosch at no. 3 . Very funny

    1. Ans says:

      Agree with you! Added to it is pathetic service!

  2. Srinivas says:

    IFB should not be there in the list. WOrst ever machine, every two months gives trouble, worst service, huge sound, vibration etc. etc.etc.

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