The Top Ten Wettest Places on Earth 2015

If poet is an engine, rain is the best lubricant for it. You just can’t count the number of poets those are great today for their unique vision towards rains. However, we wonder whether these poets would be able to do even the regular works staying at the parts of the world given below. These are places where water never stops falling. Check it out world’s highest annual rainfall places!

10. Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, China

Mount Emel is one of the mountains with a pretty holy historic background. However, the place witnesses maximum rainfall in China. Reportedly, the average rainfall here is 8,169 mm. People make something popularly known as Cloud Sea responsible for such a rainfall.

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9. Kukui, Maui, Hawaii, Oceania

KuKui, Maui, or Puu Kukui is a place staying at a great height of Mauna Kahalawa. Here the average rainfall is about 9,293 mm. Geologists have to say the formation of it is due to the result of a volcano. Anyway, it’s got a picturesque beauty.

8. Mt. Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii, Oceania

Standing at your feet and walking is considered a great thing here; the ground is too sloppy and wet. In fact the literal name of the place is overwhelming water. The average rainfall here is reportedly 9,763 mm. Its geographical location is said to be responsible for such rains.

7. Big Bog, Maui, Hawaii

Big Bog is a wonderful place that attracts huge tourists every year here. The average annual rain fall here is about 10,272 mm. It remains fresh despite heavy rains due to the moistures from Pacific. You should watch its scenic beauty at least once.

6. Debundscha, Cameroon, Africa

It’s a small village is situated at the ground of Cameroon, which is considered the extreme top in Africa. The sky kissing mountains invade clouds that results in such continuing rainfall. The average rainfall here is about 10,299 mm annually.

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