Top 10 Strangest Medical Conditions Ever Documented

Are you sure you are really healthy?

Over the years, despite the advancement of science and the modern breakthroughs in the field of medicine, a lot of diseases that were once so difficult to treat finally had medical remedies. Because of this, people can now live longer and more comfortably. Diseases that were once tantamount to a death sentence just like tuberculosis and early forms of cancer can now be addressed by doctors and specialists.

However, not everything is all rosy in the field of medicine. Sadly, there are still certain diseases, with most of them being chromosomal in nature, that are still above what modern medicine can address. As a result, people who have this conditions continue to suffer from the manifestations of their disease without much help from the healthcare system. This is still the reality.

This list dishes to you the top 10 strangest medical conditions ever documented by modern medicine. Not too many people know that these kinds of medical conditions actually happen still in the real world. Do you want to know what these conditions are? Read on.

10. Stone Man Syndrome

Stone Man Syndrome

This type of condition is caused by a genetic disorder and has no known effective cure even up to this day. In this type of disease, which affects some 1 to 2 million people right now, the body’s soft tissues are slowly being turned into bone by the body, thus destroying the body’s normal functions.

9. Walking Corpse Syndrome

Walking Corpse Syndrome

This psychological disorder has no relation with watching too much of The Walking Dead and other horror series. It is actually a rare psychological disorder, where people who are afflicted with this disease tend to feel that they no longer alive but already dead. Psychiatrists are still baffled on how to address this disorder.

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8. Cold Allergy

Cold Allergy

This type of allergy is not deadly but is really weird and bizarre. A person who has this condition develop severe skin rashes and even swelling when exposed to cold weather – especially upon the onset of winter. The body produces histamine (allergens) once exposed to low temperatures, which is still not understood even by the most modern hospitals up to now.

7. Tree Man Syndrome

Tree Man Syndrome

This disorder is genetic in nature -0 an abnormality that stems from a person’s genes and is congenital in nature. This disease is characterized by the body producing too many warts. Aggravated by sunlight, it also turns malignant and destroys healthy skin as time passes by.

6. Vampire Syndrome

Vampire Syndrome

The normal skin tends to benefit from sunlight as it gives the body Vitamin D – which all human beings essentially need for normal body function. However, this syndrome is different. A person who has the vampire syndrome develops rashes and cuts from exposure to sunlight. Hence, people who have this tend to keep in the dark and away from the direct heat of the sun.

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