Know The Top 10 Slowest Animals on Earth

The contemporary life or people are said to be extreme fast. Some animals are quite energetic as well. However, not all are similar. The topic of our interest is about those who are pretty relaxed irrespective of situation. You neither has to chase them, neither have they cared. Have a look at this interesting line-up.

10. American Woodcock

American Woodcock

Birds are fickle; they can’t stay steady for a while. However, as we have said, all are not alike. American woodcock tries to be different being the slowest of their category. The lazy bird flies just at 5 mph/ 8 kmh. You don’t really need to struggle to catch these; isn’t it?

9. Manatee


Manatees are also known with the name sea cows. Anyway, don’t get confused, these are marine animals. These are pretty large as well at about 13 feet, and weigh about 600 kg. Despite having such a huge body, these have the tiny piece of flippers for locomotion. Now you can guess the reason that makes them slow.

8. Gila Monster

Gila Monster

Lizards are pretty prompt; but, Gila Monster is quite slow. These are heavier in comparison as well. They can stretch 60 cm long and weigh around 700 g. These are distinguishing being the only venomous lizards in the United States. However, their number is said to be decreasing.

7. Seahorse


Seashores are pretty popular. Apart from being slow, these are quite small as well with a size of just about 0.7 to 15 in. They can swim; but in a pretty relaxed way. The slowest locomotive fish over the globe moves at the maximum speed of about 1.5 m an hour; unbelievable, isn’t it?

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6. Slug


It’s not your fault in fact getting confused these as snails. What ever it may be, but the fact is that these are extreme slow in nature. It’s something like watch and catch. They move at the highest speed of just 0.19 mph.

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