Top 10 Shortest Life Living Animals on Earth

The diversity of nature has been witnessed in the innumerable living beings found in it, both in the plant kingdom as well as animal kingdom. Each of the species differs in characteristics and life spans, with some living for centuries and others just a few hours.

Here us a list of top 10 shortest living animals on the earth:

10. Domestic Rabbits

Domestic Rabbits

With the life span of only 8 to 12 years, the domesticated rabbits make it on this list and the main diseases which cause their death are uterine cancer and fat deposits, with females being at greater risk. These cute little animals need a great deal of care and good feeding to maximize their survival.

9. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Next on this list of top 10 shortest living animals on the earth are the South African natives guinea pigs, which have live for a period of 4 years on an average. These animals too require a good deal of medical care as they are susceptible to diseases like bronchitis, bumble foot and scurvy.

8. Mosquito Fish

Mosquito Fish

Mosquito fish is a common fresh water fish found in USA and with a life span of 2 years on an average, it qualifies for a place on this list. The females outlive the males of the species in general and also the ones which are domesticated live longer than those which are found in saline waters.

7. Chameleon


A species of chameleons called the Panther Chameleon survives for a period of a year, which makes it the shortest lives reptile on the planet. Found in the northern and eastern regions of Madagascar, these creatures are known for their rapid mating habits, which is an adaptation for their short life span. They also adapt to the surroundings by changing color very quickly. Chameleons feed on small insects like worms and crickets.

6. House Mouse

House Mouse

Sharing the same spot with chameleons is the house mouse, which too lives for a year on an average. Rapid breeding is a distinctive feature of this animal, which again is an adaptation to its short living period. The primary survival issue for the animal is the health issues faced by it, though predators may also shorten their life span.

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