Top 10 Richest States In India 2016-17

India stands as the 7th largest country in the World and also shines as the largest democratic country in the world with longest written constitution. All these details sums up that India has its positioning amongst the top Countries in the world, India is also famous for its vibrant culture as different religion people in different parts of India lives with great harmony and respect for other religion and culturally different people.

In the recent survey India has been named as the strongest and most progressively growing country with best figures in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), GDP is the total production of a country that is measured by cutting short all deficits and imports. Around the World the criteria of GDP is used to measure success rate of all the countries and it also helps to see the sector that grew or were marginalized from the last year. The ranking of India as per the leading survey site worlds richest positioned India at the third position with GDP of 8.80 trillion.

The same criteria of GDP is used to measure the state wise contribution of different states in India’s GDP, the calculations calls for some surprising and some shocking revelation. Have a look at the state makes it to the top in the list of top 10 states that are richest, their GDP of year 2014-15 is the criteria for the ranking.

10. Delhi with GDP 4.51 Lakhs Crore

You must have opined that the national capital of India with lavish colonies and huge no of population turning towards it for a more valuable job must be the top state in India to be called as rich but Delhi stands at no.10. The total GDP Delhi generated in the economical year of 2014-15 is 4.51 lakhs crore, the amount has earned 10th spot in the list. Delhi is the first choice for Job Aspirants as the NCR (National Capital Region) area expanded to NOIDA and Gurugram has plenty of MNC’s to enroll with excellent working environment and as expectation salary package.

9. Madhya Pradesh with GDP 5.08 lakh Crore

Madhya Pradesh is located in the central region of India and as it is located in the middle, the state is generally termed as “the heart of India”. Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state of India in terms of area and act as the hub of many cities. Bhopal has been called as the capital of country and Indore is the largest city of Madhya Pradesh. In the list with 5.08 lakhs Crore Madhya Pradesh gained ninth spot and the state has won the National Tourism Award in 2010-11.

8. Andhra Pradesh with GDP 5.20 lakh Crore

Andhra Pradesh is the eighth largest state in India in terms of its area and co-incidentally the state stands at no.08 in our list of riches state. The state is located in the southern eastern coast of the country. Recently the state was in news as Telangana the newly formed state in India making the counts of states in India 29 seperated from Andhra Pradesh.

7.  Rajasthan with GDP 5.7 lakh Crore

Rajasthan is the northern state of India and surely one of the top state for tourism, as the state bestow lavish palaces and forts with rich heritage past of the region. Rajasthan shared its border with Pakistan and is termed as the largest state in India in terms of area. Jaipur the famous Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan and population wise Rajasthan stands at 8th spot in the states of India.

6. Karnataka with GDP 7.02 Lakhs Crores

Karnataka is one of the most progressive states in India, the state with highest literacy rate will surely contribute well for India’s overall GDP. The southern State is known as the high-tech hub for the finest set of shopping options and to enjoy best of nighlife in the city.

5. Gujarat with GDP 7.66 lakh Crore

Gujarat is India’s westernmost state and remain in the heart of Hindu aspirants as the devotional state as it has many sacred sites in different parts of the state. Gujarat stands as the base of the famous Freedom Fighter and Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, his Sabarmati Ashram is still sighted as the museum. Gujarat-The state of businessmen and entrepreneur stands at 5th spot.

4. West Bengal with GDP 8 lakhs Crore

West Bengla is the Eastern Indian state with its boundaries touches the famous Himalayan range and Bay of Bengal, that is named after the state. Kolkata is the capital of the state, West Bengal shines amongst the stae with highest literacy rate.

3. Uttar Pradesh with GDP 9.76 lakh Crores

Uttar Pradesh with highest no of constituency assembly members stands at third spot in the list. Area wise Uttar Pradesh is 4th largest state in India with its capital Lucknow. In terms of Population, Uttar Pradesh is the highest populated state in India.

2. Tamil Nadu with GDP 9.76 lakh Crores

The South Indian State Tamil Nadu is famous for its Dravidian-Style Temples and Kanyakumari region, the region is known as the sun set point, the looks of sun setting at evening is just awesome.

1. Maharashtra with GDP 16.8 lakhs crore

Maharashtra located in the west-central part of India is the richest state in India with grossing GDP of 16.8 lakh crore. The economic capital of India Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra with highest no. of millionaires and billionaires that counts it as top.    

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