Top 10 Reasons Why America is a Superpower

From the Ottomans, Romans, Mongols, Russians, French, Germans, different empires have ruled different parts of this world in different times in history.  They enslaved dynasties and millions of people whenever they had a chance to do so. All in all, there has always been one super power in the world and that has always been America. Apart from political wisdom and military might, what is it that makes America a super power?

Here are some of the top 10 reasons why America is a Super Power

Statue of Liberty

10. The Collapse of USSR

After the USSR collapsed, America is the only country that came to the forefront to dictate to the world. A new leader was unanimously accepted by the majority of the nations and even those nations who used to side with USSR began to side with America thus signalizing the start of a new world order.

9. Capitalism

This is the main reason why America is the financial prowess in the world. It took America less than a century to contrl the financial affairs of the world. Through political systems, most countries embraced America’s capitalistic ideology and within no time, few countries could challenge this cunning power.

8. Excellent Strategies

They came up with strategies concerning human rights, freedom, democracy, and equality. They suppressed the growth of any other ideologies and made sure theirs was embraced in different parts of the world. Within no time, America and its agencies became the world’s watchdogs on morals.

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7. CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is believed to be behind the growth of America as a superpower. It masterminded several political coups in different countries. This was done through the  bribing of officials, assassinating politicians and leaders, keeping tabs on political secrets of different nations.

6. Economic Imperialism

Industrial growth is one thing that made America to become a world leader. This happened during the post industrial revolution, they forayed into several other markets and destroyed their own industrial set up  thus turning them into becoming America’s consumers.

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