Top 10 Prohibited Places Around The World

When planning for a holiday,make sure to first check out if wherever you are planning to visit is not a prohibited area. There are several places around the world which are no go zone areas, though they are a tourist attraction. There are several reasons given out to prohibit people from visiting these wonderful places. Those some of the reasons given out are genuine others are being very vague. Sit back as we take you through some of the notorious places you are not allowed to visit at all.

Get to know the top 10 prohibited destinations around the world

10. Area 51

Area 51

This is an area located in Nevada in the US.  What normally goes in there is unknown, but it is a highly prohibited area in the USA and it is suspected to be used for testing and developing experimental weapons  systems and aircrafts. It is also believed that it houses, UFOs and study of aliens are carried out there.

9. Room 39

Room 39

Getting into North Korea  is a tough task and now getting into Room 39 is just a nightmare. This is a secretive home for the North Korean government’s illegal operations, which includes $100 counterfeit bills, international insurance fraud, and production of drugs like heroin and methamphetamine. It is the room believed to be funding North Korean nuclear weapon program.

8. Vatican Secret Archives

Vatican Secret Archives

This archives remained out of bounds to outside until 1881, the year the Pope Leo XII opened it to few selected outsiders. This archive contains documents  believed to be keeping  dark secrets from the past like Henry VIII of England’s marriage annulment request and Michelangelo’s letters complaining of late payments.

7. Metro – 2

Metro – 2

Commonly referred to as Merpo-2, this is an underground metro system which is parallel to the public metro system in Moscow.  This is a metro system which was built by Joseph Stalin and given a code name D-6 by the KGB.  Russian Ministry of Defense is supposedly still operating the system.

6. Mount Weather

Mount Weather

In Virginia, US, there exists this emergency operation center, which is a civilian command facility. It is a relocation site for military officials and high level civilians in case of an emergency like a national disaster. It plays a major role in the US government continuity.

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