Top 10 Most Used Websites in the World 2015

Internet is a global platform which has opened a whole new world for its users today, whether we talk about gaining knowledge, playing games, e shopping and a lot more. There are a large number of websites which are visited regularly by global users and have attained great heights of popularity on a global level.

Here is a list of top 10 most used websites in the world:



One of the most widely used websites in the world is LinkedIn, which is a popular network used to make connections of job providers with potential candidates, experts in the industry and business partners. The registered members can be in direct contact with trusted people in the business.



Another website which has a large number of users around the world is Blogger, which is a blog publishing site enabling you to share information with the other users on the internet.



The next name on this list is that of QQ, also called Tencent QQ, which is a free messaging program used in Mainland China. Its 600 million users have made it one of the most visited sites in the world. Services available on this site are QQ mail, blogs, games, search engine, etc.



Next among the most used websites in the world is Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia which supports multiple languages and is collaborative in nature. It is so vast that it contains over 30 million articles in 287 different languages and enables the users to not only share data on it, but also edit the information. The website was initiated in 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales.



Like Facebook, Twitter is another popular micro blogging and social networking site, which helps the users to read as well as send messages, share and tweet both text and images with your followers. The website was started in 2006 and limits the tweet text to 140 characters.

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