Top 10 Most Underrated Actors In Bollywood

Bollywood has always been dominated by the Khans and the Kapoors. There have been many superstars and stars in Hindi Cinema but every popular actor cannot be termed as the great actors as well. There are some actors who have missed out in Bollywood and remained in the dark. These underrated actors are not only great on acting skills but also equally impressive with their on screen presence. There are many underrated actors in Bollywood but here are the Top 10 most underrated Bollywood actors.

10. Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy Shergill

He has the potential of becoming a lead hero but he has never been recognized. He has the looks to be a hero and tremendous acting skills. There is hardly any movie where he has not impressed with his acting skills. It may be A Wednesday or Tanu Weds Manu; he has left his impressions everywhere. However, the kind of appreciation or recognition in both Hindi or Punjabi movies.

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9. Vijay Raaz

Vijay Raaz

He has been stereotyped as a comic actor but his potential and talent is much beyond that. One of the coolest actors of this era, Vijay Raaz has done incredible job at the theaters and known for his strong performances. However, he has not really got the kind of appreciation in Bollywood. He is one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood.

8. Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose is definitely one of the best actors but one of the shadowed actors as well. His acting capability is beyond doubt but he is not meant for the commercial movies and thus not included in the mainstream. His performance in Mr. & Mrs. Iyer is still memorable.

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7. R Madhavan

R. Madhavan

He might be a popular star in Tamil Industry but Hindi Cinema did not give him the due credit. One of the best actors of this era, Madhavan has emerged to a grown and mature actor from the chocolate boy image. His performances are beyond doubt and often more memorable then hero of the movie. Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots are best example of such performances. He showed his talent in Tanu Weds Manu series as well.

6. Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol

He maintains low profile and does selective movies. However, his potential as an actor cannot be judged by his movies. He is considered as one of the best actors in Bollywood but he is still not among the stars. He is one of the underrated actors in Bollywood.

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