Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries in the World

I really don’t have those cryptic religious knowledge, belief, argue, philosophy or thoughts, even of my own religion (and I am not going to disclose which religion I belong to), but being damn frank, Islam is certainly wrapped with many sorts of controversies in contemporary arena. There are many examples of Islamic nations where life is worst than hell. However, there are some Islamic nations available in this world as well those are a way safe, and peaceful to live. Have a look!

10. Turkey


98% of the total population here are Muslims, and 72 % of they are Sunnis. Though adults here are seen in traditional attire, still contemporary fashion and sense of dressing is quite established here. Controversies or violence is least as well in comparison.

9. Algeria

Here 98.2 % of total population belong to Islam. Most of these are Sunni Muslims, and a very small number of those who fall under Shia. You can find a good number of population here as well those believe in Sufi philosophy. Religious controversies are much lesser here in comparison.

8. Bangladesh


Though one of its neighbour Islamic nations Pakistan is hugely affected with terrorism activities, still, the religious disturbances are much lesser in comparison here. About 90.4% of the total population here belong to Islam. However, Bangladesh people are not abiding with stringent Islamic rules that make it a pretty safe place to live in.

7. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Undoubtedly Saudi Arabia has been a great place of choice among professionals over the globe. With centres of extreme spiritual importance like Mecca and Medina, the place has been exemplary for other Islamic nations. 97% of the total population here are Muslims.

6. Maldives

Maldives is an Islamic nation, and 98% of the total population here are Muslims, and Sunni Islam is dominant to be specific. To accept the citizenship here you have to accept Islam. However, history says it was entirely a Buddhist nation by 12th century and Islam entered only after that.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries in the World”

  1. Maahir says:

    I cant believe you put Saudi Arabia in that list. I was expecting UAE to be up there in that list. They’re quite multicultural and peaceful

    1. Alexander says:

      Cant believe Malaysia wasnt in!!

  2. Kashif says:

    My heart aches for my country. It is a huge desire to see Pakistan in that list.

  3. Jason says:

    All it takes is 30 seconds to look up the Human Rights Watchlist and see all these countries listed as the “worst of the worst” in regards to free political discourse, freedom of expression, freedom of association. When are people going to see things for what they are and not what they’ve been indoctrinated to believe… I wish that this wasn’t the case. I wish Islam really was the religion of peace and not just another religion out there used to control the easily malleable. If this was the case I wouldn’t be so concerned with the expansion of ideals. Unfortunately, anywhere Islam takes hold, we see human rights abuses soon after. Women have the right to wear, say, and date who they wish. They are not beneath men and are not dogs that men are supposed to control. Show me an Islam where women are true equals and everyone is accepted whether you believe in Allah or not, and I’ll show you a religion deserving of our time.

    1. Nadeem A. Ahad says:

      Show me anywhere where women are equal save for a few elite. Always these western standards of what society should be. In the U.S. over 50% of marriages end in divorce, murder rate higher than most third world nations. Minorities still being treated with social disdain. Who are we to judge? These countries have as much to do with Islam as we have to do with democracy. Illusions.

  4. Shahid says:

    Western countries specifically considers that women have no rights, life blah blah. Well Idiots. Correct yourself. Many Muslim stats like Bangladesh and Pakistan have chosen WOMEN as their Rulers. But USA still waiting to let WOMEN rule the COUNTRY lol. What an IRONY.

  5. Khateeba says:

    The top most safest Muslim country where every person of any religion is happy is only Iran. Unfortunately western media has portrayed a wrong image of Iran to others,everyone should visit Iran and literally feel the peace and rich culture of that country

  6. A peaceful Warrior says:

    Most Muslims are more Christian the the fake Christian that goto church occasionally, but do not know their own religion, and won’t acknowledge the truth behind the ideology of islam.
    Most of the peaceful Muslim countries are not part of the ongoing war to take control of the country by islamic state.
    They may be peaceful now as they have a majority of its people where they want them.
    The truth behind islam is to wipe out the non believers and take control of God’s people.
    How can you believe the Angel Gabriel would fight with a man in a cave until he was forced to recite and have him later want to commit suicide after believing his was possessed by an evil spirit, and then be controlled by his wife making him believe to be a prophet, then something is wrong with you.
    It won’t be long before the bible has its final prophecy come to life when one third of hour population will be wiped out.
    The only way to stop countries from becoming Muslim, and that is to understand there is only one person that stands before you and God. He already died for you, and he is still waiting for you to acknowledge him.

  7. eva says:

    i was expecting iran to be at the top of the list

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