Top 10 Most Famous South Indian Vegetarian Dishes

People of India are very fond of eating. They love to eat. There are many South Indian dishes that are very famous and popular among the Indians. These dishes can be used as a breakfast or as the meal. The people of India are mostly vegetarian so they eat the vegetarian foods.

Here is the list of top ten most popular vegetarian dishes of South India. You should must try them all.

10. Appam


It is the one of the famous and the most delicious dishes of South India. It is a special type of pancake which is made of the fermented rice mixture and the coconut milk. It is considered as the staple diet of the state of Kerala. Besides India, Appam is equally popular in the Sri Lanka as well.

9. Goli Bajji

Goli Bajji

It is also called as the Mangalore Bajji which is made up of from the flour or maida. It is a famous dish of the South Indian for the people who love Vegetarian foods. The delicious flavors of curd, gram flour, rice flour, and some vegetables make this dish the one of the most famous vegetarian dish in south India.

8. Veg Omelet

Veg Omelet

Veg omelet is the version of Indian Cuisine. Its main ingredients are the vegetables and eggs. The key ingredients that make this omelet most famous are the herbs that give specific aroma and flavor to this South Indian omelet.

7. Koottu


It is a word from Tamil language that means add. It is a type of a stew with the main ingredients of vegetable and lentils. Koottu is the semi solid dish like a dry curry. Many vegetables, tamarind, and ground spices are heated along with the lentil to make Koottu. It is popular among the regions of south India.

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6. Kanji


It is a type of porridge of rice that is thick and is popular in many countries of Asia including India. It is mostly served as the side dish in the lunch or dinner. Besides prepared in India, Kanji is prepared in Burma, China, japan, Indonesia and many other countries.

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