Top 10 Most Famous Mosques (Masjid) in India

Muslims are the second largest community in the religious world. According to the study and surveys held in the year of 2010, Islam has about 1.57 billion followers and they make up almost 23 % of the total world’s population. So mosques are wide spread in the whole world. All over the west, Mosques are appearing in an extensive number. The mosques are of great importance to the Muslim community because Mosques are considered as the holy place for Muslims to worship the one god, Allah. It is considered as the focal point for the community of Muslims.

Like any other country, India is also consists of a large number of mosques. Here are mosques of India listed out by us. These mosques are the significant mosques of India because of their unique finishing and beautiful architectural mode.

10. Jamia Masjid, Srinagar

Jamia Masjid, Srinagar

Spotting at number 10th, Jamia Masjid is the one the most popular and significant mosques of India. The mosque was built in 1400 AD by the sultan Sikandar. The mosque is one of the oldest mosques of located in the city of Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir. It is the one of the sacred mosques of India due to its holiness and constructional elegance.

9. Nagina Masjid, Agra

Nagina Masjid, Agra

Standing on number 9th, Nagina Masjid is also known as the Gem Mosque or Jewel Mosque. It is a masjid that is built in the Agra Fort. The founder of Nagina Masjid is Shah Jahan. The Nagina Mosque is known for its architectural beauty and is constructed with pure marble that is white in color and very attractive. So it is very significant among the Muslims of India.

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8. Taj Ul Masjid, Bhopal

Taj Ul Masjid, Bhopal

It is a mosque that is located in the city of Bhopal, India. It, being largest mosque of India, is one of the mosques among the Muslims of India. Besides of its large area, it is also famous for its unique and magnificent construction. Taj-Ul-Masajid factually means, Crown among Mosques. It is a Mughal style mosque with 3 domes and 2 Minarets. The structure of this mosque truly represents extravagant scenery that fills the hearts of the followers with faith of God.

7. Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala

Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala

The mosque is located in Methala, in the state of Kerala. It is the oldest and the first mosque to be built in India. The Cheraman Juma Masjid is said to be built in 629 AD by the founder Malik ibn Dinar. It is a traditional mosque with the style of temple architecture and is one of the significant mosques for the Muslim community because of its holiness and sacredness.

6. Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque, Delhi

Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque, Delhi

Located in the city of Delhi, Quwwat Ul Islam mosque is the first mosque to be built in Delhi after the assault of Islam in the country. It was built in the AD of 1193. The term Quwwat Ul Islam means Might of Islam. This mosque is also known as the Qutub Mosque or the Great Mosque of Delhi. The mosque was built by Qutubudin Aibak. The whole mosque is engraved by Quranic verses and floral motifs.

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