Top 10 Most Famous Indian Photographers

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” –Karl Lagerfeld. The world is just an art and the photographer is their witness, these amazing photographers mentioned below, have the creative vision and the sense to capture the right moment and save it for their life and cherish on them. These photographers are just mind blowing and their work is crazy and if you see any of their work, you will definitely be astonished. Here is a list of top ten photographers in India in 2016.

10. Arjun Mark

Arjun Mark

A famous fashion photographer of the current time, Arjun is one of the most loved photographers. He has photographed a lot of celebs and has done a photo shoot for lot of magazines. His photos have a unique sense of creativity.

9. Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani

He is one of the most famous Fashion photographer of the country today. He has been associated with a lot o Bollywood celebs and models, and is loved by all of them. He has taken pictures on various occasions for various Divas and stunning actors.

8. Tarun Khiwal

Tarun Khiwal

The first and final Indian to be respected with the Hasselblad Masters Award. Likewise, the first Indian whose work was decided for the Swiss light maker Broncolor’s yearly logbook in the year 2012. He was honoured the “Design Photographer of the Year Award” at the Lycra MTV Style Award and the Kingfisher Fashion Photographer of the Year award in 2004. He has worked for many magazines and various brands.

7. Vikram Bawa

Vikram Bawa

The credit for showcasing and advancing 3D photography in India likewise goes to him. Vikram has likewise advanced a few achievement rises throughout the years furthermore held a performance craftsmanship show titled The Other Side at the Gallery Art and Soul in November 2012. He was also awarded as the Most Influential People in the industry of Photography, Asian Photography Awards, 2010 and 2011.

6. Anjan Lal

He is the best Wildlife photographer in the country. He has travelled across the world, and his sense of clicking the photos is just outstanding. He is also recognized across the world for his photographs and is one of the best in the field.

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