Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World 2018

One of the substantial contributors to the economy of many countries across the globe is the global tobacco companies. They also aid the livelihoods of millions of people across the globe, both directly and indirectly. Cigarettes manufactured by leading brands are filtered, to reduce health risks and tobacco companies are able to have sustained growth in volume as a result of growth in population and increase in the disposable income of individuals. Cigar smoking seems to have leveled off or shows a decline in developed nations, while it is continuously on the rise in developing nations.

Top 10 most expensive cigarette brands in the world have been compiled

10. Marlboro

marlboro cigarettes

This brand of cigarette which is very famous and available, all around the world, is produced by Philip Morris USA in the USA. This brand of cigars  International produces Cigars sold in other countries in the world. It has about 3 categories of products around the world called flavour line, gold line and fresh line. There are about a dozen different categories of the same brand, produced and marketed in the USA. Marlboro is usually the chief sponsor for racing events. It costs around $1.25 for 10 pcs.

9. Camel


R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in America is the producer of the finest quality, expensive cigars, which are made of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. The perfect blend of the Turkish tobacco and the Virginia tobacco is supposed to be the reason for the distinctive and special taste of this cigar. It was first developed in the year 1913 and has been appealing to the tobacco lovers then and now. Camel Menthol, Kamel Red, Kamel Red smooth, Camel Menthol Silver are some of the product categories that are well known. For 10 it costs approx. $1.35.

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8. Parliament


This brand has a strong market in Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, US, Georgia and Turkey and is one of the most popular and expensive brand of cigarette around the globe. The distinctive feature of this brand of cigars is the recessed paper filter used, which is considered as the reason behind the enhanced taste and flavor by the smokers. This product is marketed by Philip Morris. For package of 10 cost around $1.35.

7. Davidoff


Though this brand is presently owned by Imperial Tobacco, the actual manufacturers of this world class, expensive luxury cigar is The Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand Davidoff. Cigars are just one among of the range of tobacco products like cigarillos, pipe tobacco and others, they produce. The product range includes, Classic, Ultra lights, Magnum, Menthol lights, one, Menthol and gold are the most exclusive and expensive cigarette, that come under this brand. Cost – $1.40 for 10

6. Dunhill


This is a luxury brand of Cigars produced by the British Tobacco Company and it is known for its quality and high cost. Dunhill brand cigarettes are the most expensive among the other cigars produced by the same company. Dunhill Cigars are sold in European, Canadian and Asia pacific directly and it is exported to other countries in the world. Approx cost of 10 Dunhill cigars is $1.40.

5. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike

This is another brand of cigars, which belong to the British Tobacco Company and was one of the top selling brands in US in the 1930’s.  It was introduced in 1871 and has remained the favorite brand owing to its flavor and taste. The brand’s dark green pack was changed to white in 1942.  It was said that the white pack was to improve the liking for this brand among women, as women had become one of the important consumer market for tobacco products by then. IT has undergone subsequent changes and is sold in its present form since 2009, which varies from region to region. Cost for 10 $1.40.

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4. Pall Mall

Pall Mall

This is another brand of expensive and famous brand of cigars from the house of R.J. Reynolds. It has been available in the market since 1899. It has an exclusive range of products and it is famous for the different blends. Pall Mall Amber, Red and Blue are the variants and you also have more variations within them. A Pall mall pack of 10 cigars might cost you approximately $1.45.

3. Benson& Hedges

Benson & Hedges

This brand of cigarettes was founded in Canada in 1873. This brand was subsequently owned by several corporations, based on the region of operations. It is, basically, an English Cigar brand owned by Philip and Morris in the US, British American Tobacco in the European Countries and Japan tobacco in Japan. It has a good selling record among expensive cigarettes and it differs in quality, style, taste and packaging depending on the region in which it is being sold, but does not fail to fulfil the expectations of the cigar lovers. Approx cost for 10 is $1.50.

2. Gold Flake

Gold Flake

This is owned and produced by ITC, Indian Tobacco Company and till date is one of the most popular and highest sold cigars in the world. It has been traditionally, branded as a product for the elite, in India and is one of the cigar brands with a high price. They are produced using fine, high quality, Virginian tobacco. The variants include Gold Flake lights, Gold Flake Kings, Gold flake and Gold Flake Kings Lights. ITC has also launched Gold flake Ultra lights. $1.50 for 10 cigars.

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1. Insignia


This is another brand from the house of ITC Ltd, and has a range of variants that are very expensive. The innovative packaging, adds to the expensive feel of the brand. The price of Insignia was raised by 20% and ITC alone accounts for about 80% of the market share in India. Cost – $1.60

The tobacco industry is only expected to grow in future and there is a chance for e-   cigarettes and other tobacco products contributing to the tobacco markets in terms of technology and market growth.

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