Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads Around The World

When one travels down the road, safety is always the primary precaution. Over the years, the world’s harshest and remotest regions had all been reached by the wonders of civil engineering and architecture. Admittedly, the world has indeed become smaller that people can virtually go to any place any time they want. That is the current reality.

However, there are still regions and places in this world that pose a great danger when one aims to go to such places. The destination itself may not be as perilous, but the journey and the road going there are.

This list dishes to you the 10 most dangerous roads in the world. These roads have taken a considerable death toll and have been the site of not just a few accidents. Any tourist or local is advised to take extreme precaution when driving down this road.

10. Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

Sichuan-Tibet Highway - China

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