Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in India

India has been known around the world as the land where different animals, ranging from the cow to the snake, are worshipped and revered. While some animals are useful for humans, others can be quite a threat to their lives as they can attack or even kill, on provocation or otherwise.

Here are 10 most dangerous animals in India:

10. Monkey


Though many of us consider monkeys as harmless and prankster animals, but several cases of attacks and bites by monkeys have been reported all over the country. These animals can become quite dangerous when provoked and usually enter human territories due to loss of their natural habitat.

9. Stray Dog

Stray Dog

Stray dogs are considered quite dangerous in India because many of them become rabid and bite innocent preys, causing many deaths in the country due to rabies caused by stray dog bite.

8. Wolves


Another animal known to be deadly for human race is the wild wolf. Numerous wolf attacks were reported in South India, in which wolves attacked and killed a large number of victims in villages near forests. They also pose danger to livestock.

7. Bear


The Himalayan forests are home to Black Bears and Brown Bears, who have been reported to attack human population in the forests and villages nearby. These dangerous and heavy weighted animals have sharp claws and teeth, and can kill the victim in a single blow.

6. Scorpion


An extremely dangerous animal is the scorpion, which can kill humans in an instant with their deadly poison, out of more than 85 species of theses creepy crawlies found in India, nearly more than half of them are considered deadly due to their venom. Many death through the bites of red Indian scorpion have been reported every year.

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