Top 10 Memorable Moments in Indian Cricket History

Cricket is the game which literally runs in the bloodstream of Indian cricket lovers, who practically breathe, eat, sleep and worship this exciting game. There have been several memorable moments in the history of this game for the country, which will be etched on our memories forever and ever.

Here are top 10 moments in Indian cricket history:

10. Australia Tour of 2004

Australia Tour of 2004

Team India overcame the stigma of not being able to deliver away from home with its stupendous performance down under in the tour of 2004. They beat the in for Australian team in a convincing manner, which silenced their critics in a big way. The Australian tour of 2004 was indeed a defining moment in the Indian cricketing history.

9. Sehwag’s Triple Century in Multan

Sehwag’s Triple Century in Multan

Another shining moment in the history of cricket in India came on the soil of its ace rival nation, Pakistan, when Virendar Sehwag mustered the first triple century for the country in the first test against Pakistan. Sehwag bagged 309 runs in 375 balls.

8. Victory over England and West Indies in Test Series of 1971

Victory over England and West Indies in Test Series of 1971

1971 was a big year for Indian cricket, when the young team of the country was able to make itself recognized on the world cricket scenario by vanquishing the biggies like England and West Indies. It also happened to be the first overseas Test Series clinched by the country.

7. Natwest Trophy Final 2002

Natwest Trophy Final 2002

The Natwest Trophy final of 2002 is another unforgettable memory for Indians as Yuvraj Singh and Kaif literally stole the match from under the noses of the English team, after they reached the pitch at a miserable score of 146-5. They were able to grab the victory with two wickets and three balls still in hand.

6. World Championship 1985

World Championship 1985

Next on the list of top 10 moments in the Indian cricket history is the victory of World Championship 1985, which was made even more special by the fact that the country beat its ace rival Pakistan by 8 wickets in the big final. The team also won each match it played to wrap up the series with the final victory.

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