Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas in India 2015

The recent upsurge of business opportunities in India has made it earn the reputation of a breeding ground for entrepreneurs, where they can literally harvest gold by putting in small investment to start a new business. Many Indian entrepreneurs have availed these business opportunities to establish themselves as top rated business tycoons.

Here are 10 low cost business ideas in India:

10. Boutique Business

One of the most popular business ideas in India which does not require a big investment is that of opening a boutique, which can be done at home or a small rental outlet. One can hire a tailor and ad some fabric and material and it’s all set to rock.

9. Babysitting Business

With an increasing trend of families with working parents, the demand for babysitting services in India has reached a new high. One can cash on this opportunity and start a small crèche at home to look after small children and make thousands by spending a small amount on investment.

8. Recruitment Services

Opening a recruitment service, which helps establish a link between employers and employees, can be another good option for starting a low budget business in India 2015. A small office space along with some contacts is all thay is needed for starting this venture.

7. Interior Designing

If you have a flair for designing, you can start an interior designing firm with a minimal investment. Professional training in the field can be an added advantage. This profession is not only lucrative, but also helps give creative satisfaction as it enables you to fulfill the dreams of the clients.

6. Online Trading

Next among the best low cost business ideas in India 2015 is online trading, which enables you to sell goods at profitable prices, on the internet. It helps businessmen cover a wider customer base and spend less money on sales promotion at this global platform.

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