Know 10 of the Longest Road Tunnels in the World 2015

Tunnels are underground passages built for smooth passage of road or rail traffic. They are usually cut through rocks or mountains to make the shortest route between the two places. Tunnels are constructed using latest technology and are the result of the progress which has been made by mankind. There are many of long tunnels in use around the world, while some are under construction and other are in the planning stage.

Here is the list of longest road tunnels in the world:

10. Maijishan Tunnel, China

On number 10 spot in the list of longest road tunnels in the world in the world is Maijishan Tunnel in China, which extends to a length of 12.29 km. It was completed in 2009 and has two tubes.

9. Frejus Tunnel, France-Italy

Featuring next on this list is the Frejus Tunnel in France and Italy, which is 12.895 km long. The single tube tunnel was completed and opened for public in 1980.

8. Hsuehshan Tunnel, Taiwan

Hseuhshan Tunnel in Taiwan is the eighth longest road tunnel in the world. This 12.942 km long road tunnel has been in service since 2006 and it has two tubes.

7. Hongtiguan Tunnel, China

The next name on the list of top 10 longest road tunnels in the world in 2015 is that of the Hongtiguan Tunnel in China. This two tube tunnel was opened up in 2013 and reaches a great length of 13.122 km.

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6. Xishan Tunnel, China

On number six spot in this list is another road tunnel in China, the Xishan Tunnel, which extends to a length of 13.654 Km. This tunnel has two tubes and was completed in 2012.

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