Top 10 Largest Things of Their Kind in The World


Large things have always impressed human beings, some come as natural large things while others are man made. An example of a large natural thing of a king is the Grand Canyon, which can host five million visitors per annum and an example of a man made big thing is the world’s largest fire hydrant in Texas. These are things which draw adrenaline to the veins of several people across the world as they are just extra big and amaze the imagination of man.

Here are top 10 largest things of their kind in the world that you should know about

10. Airplane

AN 225 Mriya

There is this Ukrainian airline AN 225 Mriya which is the largest aircraft in the world that is capable delivering several tonnes of cargo. It can be used to carry a Boeing 737 in its cargo hold.

9. Outdoor Swimming Pool

This is a swimming pool at San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile. This is a swimming pool which covers 20 acres and it is 900 meters with its deep end being at 35 meters which is also a world record. To fill the pool, you have to use 66 million gallons of water. it took 5 years and over 1 billion dollars to build and it costs the hotel 2 million dollars yearly to maintain the pool.

8. Cave

This cave was founded in 2009 by a Vietnamese farmer and he called a group of British explorers  who later realized that, a part from the cave being one of the largest cave passage in the world, it was a cave that led to a river which runs a long the floor of the cave. This famous cave is found at PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park.

7. Vacuum Chamber

Plum Brook Chamber in Sandusky

The Plum Brook Chamber in Sandusky Ohio hosts the largest vacuum chamber.

6. Waterfall

Inga Falls

Inga Falls has an average discharge rate per second of over 900,000 cubic feet, thus making it the greatest in the world. Victoria and Niagara can’t equate to this with Victoria falls at 38,000 cubic feet per second and Niagara at 85,000 cubic feet per second.

5. Salts Flats

Salar de Uyuni is on a high plateau in south west of Bolivia at 3,600 meters and it is twice as high as mile high Denver in Colorado. The salt found here is several meters thick and it is on a surface of 10,000 square kilometers. The area also produces a lot of salts and  lithium.

4. Zoo

Red McCombs Wildlife in Texas is the largest zoo by acreage, though it hosts only 20 species. It sits on a 12,000 acre of land. But using the combined matrix of size and numbers of species,  then Henry Doorly Zoo, which is in Omaha, Nebraska and stands at 130 acre complex and hosts 17,000 animals of 960 different types of species. It attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year.

3. Power Station

Three Gorges Dam in China

Three Gorges Dam in China was constructed in over 20 years and in the process, displaced so many people. At completion, it has cost the Chinese government a cool $23 billion. It stands at 2.4 kilometers in length and 180 meters in height.

2. Video Screen

There is a big giant screen display on the entire front of the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The wall is 20 meters high and 170 meters long with the screen comprising of 34,000 LEDS making it the world’s largest video screen.

1. Free Standing Structure

New Century Global Center

New Century Global Center in China is the largest free standing structure made by man as it stands at 1.8 million square meters.  It took 3 years to construct and it holds 14 screen IMAX theater, a complete replica Mediterranean village, an ice skating rink which can host sanctioned international competitions and a water park. 6000 visitors can be accommodated in the water park alone. To crown it as one of the world largest things is its capacity to fit 20 Sidney Opera Houses at once or over 300 football fields.

It is normally said that bigger is always better so whether natural or man made, the above is just an indication of  the obsessions of big things by human beings. Share on social media with friends.

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  1. ANIL says:

    Pls change the information on Three Gorges Dam in China. The Height and the length of the dam has to be interchanged. Dam cannot be at a depth of 180 KM….

    1. Santosh says:

      sorry Anil its a typo mistake.

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